Our BRT approach
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Our BRT approach

In relation to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system Mercedes-Benz applies a comprehensive approach. Thanks to our year-long experience with BRT we are well-acquainted with the factors that lead to success as well as the risks of the system. We offer a comprehensive package consisting of vehicles as well as financing and financing services for BRT projects, which contributes towards the successful introduction of BRT systems.

The introduction of a BRT system is a complex matter as the system design depends on the needs of passengers and operators. External factors such as local legislation, environmental and energy rules and regulations constitute the framework within which the system has to operate.


We know that the requirements for urban mobility differ from one city to another. We know that local authorities and urban planners are the ones who know their city and its specific traffic situation best. At Mercedes-Benz we collect best-practice examples for BRT projects from around the world and study them in terms of their success factors and possible risks. Thanks to our year-long experience we know how BRT systems have been implemented successfully and how potential hurdles have been tackled. We make valuable suggestions and help you to design the system optimally.

The BRT expert team consists of specialists in transport, traffic and urban planning who operate globally. As your partner for customised BRT solutions, we provide support in all aspects of designing and planning, from analysis and development through to implementation. We act as a competent support for your needs, questions and ideas throughout the entire process.

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