In the event of danger
Citaro NGT

In the event of danger

Before a crash occurs the driver must respond quickly to avoid an accident. The Citaro provides assistance with its directionally stable suspension and smooth steering, which result from the independent suspension on the front axle.

The new driver protection door can protect the driver from unexpected attacks. Depending on the intended deployment of the vehicle and the degree of protection desired, there are four modular constructions available.

A crash element is built in to the extended front end for additional collision protection. Together with a reinforced, defined frame design, in the event of an impact it diverts impact forces directly to the understructure. This results in better protection for the driver and the driver's footwell area. The specifications for the pendulum impact test according to UNECE-R 29 (only prescribed for trucks) have been met.

The reversing camera serves to monitor the rear of the vehicle. It is activated by engaging reverse gear. The camera is installed at the rear of the vehicle in the centre. Note: can only be selected with a separate monitor on the A-pillar.

In case of imminent danger, the correct reaction of the driver is just as important as the technical equipment of the vehicle. OMNIplus safety training courses provide the ideal basis. They focus among other things on practical familiarity with the behaviour of the vehicle in critical situations.

Difficult passengers can also present a hazard, which is why OMNIplus offers special communication training. The course covers an extensive range of aspects of interpersonal communication and individually addresses special cases in occupational practice.

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