Safe driving

Safe driving

The Intouro also benefits from this. With a safety package which aids the driver in mastering potentially dangerous situations. The perfect ergonomics of the Intouro take away the strain from long stretches behind the wheel. The driver can access all controls easily and has all instruments clearly visible at a glance. This increases safety for all bus occupants.

Quick-response disc brakes on each axle support the driver in critical situations. The ABS and ASR assistance systems included as standard increase safety when braking and pulling away even in difficult road conditions; the BAS braking assistance system minimises the braking distance in an emergency braking manoeuvre.

In unforeseeable driving situations – such as fast cornering or abrupt swerving – the driver is helped by the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®). Lane Keeping Assist (SPA) and the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) also help to defuse critical driving situations. The electronic/pneumatic braking system (EBS) gives the driver extra support by causing brakes to respond more rapidly and precisely, thus reducing the braking distance.

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