Total cost of ownership
Tourismo K & Tourismo RH/RH M

Total cost of ownership

There are many factors in operating a bus that cost money. Even if you don't have control over all of them, there is still a lot you can do to make your Mercedes-Benz touring coach more economical to operate: more than one third of the costs incurred can be actively influenced. We show you the advantages of our coaches and services with regard to total cost of ownership in terms of investment, consumption, maintenance and residual value:

Thanks to its innovative vehicle technology, the Tourismo K and the Tourismo RH ensure good balance sheets and frugal fuel consumption. The BlueEFFICIENCY Power engine generation with BlueTEC 6 offers a compellingly high environmental compatibility, but high profitability as well. Despite the more demanding requirements, the engineers have succeeded in keeping fuel consumption to its accustomed low level. The Mercedes-Benz transmissions further ensure low consumption: power is transferred either by a six-speed manual transmission with convenient joystick gearshift in the cockpit or the automated eight-speed Mercedes GO 250-8 PowerShift transmission.

Add to this the sophisticated RO 440 bus drive axle: it is particularly lightweight, operates quietly with optimised gearing and higher efficiency due to lower churning losses due to the oil in the axle. With an integrated water retarder, your bus will continue to save energy. The secondary retarder uses the engine cooling water as a braking and cooling medium, eliminating the need for an oil/water heat exchanger. And the Tourismo remains on the road with long maintenance intervals of up to 120,000 kilometres.


Example calculation with average values from the German market. TCO cost blocks using Tourismo Euro VI with FE1 as an example. Assumptions: 8 years at 85,000 km, German market. Status as at: June 2015.

Any bus is only as good as its driver. Consumption can also be reduced through the perfect interplay between vehicle technology, intelligent driving style analysis and tailored driver training. The OMNIplus EcoTraining in combination with the Bus Data Center’s operational analysis further reduces fuel costs.

The engine and all the important assemblies* are conveniently accessible for ease of maintenance. We offer complete, tailor-made services and a perfect supply of spare parts to ensure that the vehicle is rapidly operational again. Repairs and maintenance work not only cost money, they also mean downtime. And that's why these should be as rare and short as possible. If something does ever happen, we won't leave you in the lurch: our Service Network is the most closely-knit bus-specific network and provides prompt assistance in the event of repairs via our 24h SERVICE.

*The air-conditioning system and the refrigerator of your vehicle are filled with R-134a refrigerant and contain fluorinated greenhouse gas. The warning signs with detailed information about the refrigerant used are located on each device. To this end, please observe the vehicle's Operating Instructions. You can find further details in the appropriate technical information brochure.

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