Customer Centre Mannheim


Visitors coming for the guided plant tour should check in at Gate 1. Suppliers who are delivering goods should proceed to Gate 2. Due to technical reasons the signs directing you to the plant are sometimes located on the left side of the street.

Coming from the north - to the Viernheim junction.

  • Take the A 67/A 6 motorway to the Viernheim motorway junction..
  • Head towards "Stadtmitte" (city centre), continuing on the B 38 until the "Mannheim-Käfertal/Waldhof" exit.
  • After exiting take a sharp right towards "Waldhof-Ost".
  • Continue towards "Waldhof-Ost". Then follow the signs to the plant.

Coming from the east or south - Mannheim junction (Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Heilbronn, Basel, Karlsruhe).

  • Take the A 6 motorway to the Mannheim junction.
  • Head towards "Stadtmitte" (city centre), continuing on the A 656 until the "Mannheim-Feudenheim" exit.
  • Continue towards Mannheim-Vogelstang, then Mannheim-Käfertal.
  • Follow the road through the Käfertal industrial estate (Neustadter-Str. passing ABB and Boveristr.) and follow the signs to the plant.

Coming from the west (Saarbrücken).

  • Take the A 6 motorway to the "Mannheim Nord/Sandhofen" exit.
  • Head towards "Stadtmitte" (city centre), continuing on the B 44.
  • Turn right at the second junction towards Hafengebiet 3 and 4.
  • Follow the main road (Diffenéstr.) towards "Luzenberg-Ost"

Mannheim Hauptbahnhof (main station).

  • Take the train to Mannheim Hauptbahnhof (main station), where ICE and IC/EC trains also stop.
  • Continue with the regional train towards Lampertheim or with local public transport towards Frankfurt to the Mannheim-Luzenberg train station. When checking the schedule for the trains going towards Frankfurt look out for the note "M-Luzenberg".
  • An alternative is taking the tram departing from the area in front of the train station. Take Line 1 towards Schönau or Line 3 towards Sandhofen until the "Luzenberg" stop which is located right next to the plant.

Frankfurt Airport.

  • Use the airport shuttle which travels directly from Frankfurt to Mannheim. The bus stops near the train station. You can then take a taxi or take the tram which is right across the way (Line 3 towards MA-Sandhofen). Or take one of the trains of German railways, the Deutsche Bahn (for directions see the DB).