The new Sprinter minibuses


For years, Mercedes-Benz has pursued the vision of accident-free driving. The integral safety concept covers all phases of automotive safety—from driving safety and hazardous situations to protection in the event of an accident and minimising the impact of an accident. The new Sprinter vans and Sprinter minibuses follow this aim of with their new structural and technical safety features.

For more than 20 years, the Sprinter has been a clear step ahead of its class, especially in terms of safety. Since 2002, it has been on the road with ESP®. In 2006, the next-generation extended version—ADAPTIVE ESP®—celebrated its premiere in the Sprinter. In 2013, Crosswind and Adaptive Brake Assist followed, as did Collision Prevention Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. With the new generation of Sprinters, a number of new safety systems in this vehicle class are available, which actively support driving safety.

The new Sprinter supports the driver with additional electronic assistance systems, such as the Active Lane Keeping Assist, the active DISTRONIC Adaptive Cruise Control or Attention Assist, which can register signs of tiredness and suggest a rest period for the driver. Active Brake Assist, as standard, warns the driver of an obstacle prior to an impending collision and brakes the Sprinter independently if necessary—right up to full braking. In addition to vehicles driving ahead and stationary obstacles (e.g. at the tail end of a traffic jam), the system recognises pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road. The optional parking package with 360° camera facilitates pulling in and out of parking spots.

The high-performance WET WIPER SYSTEM windscreen wiper system, which sprays the cleaning fluid directly in front of the wiper blades, ensures good visibility at all times. This enables the best possible view for the driver during the wiping process. On request, the new LED High Performance headlights with Highbeam Assist and cornering light offer maximum night vision.

Sprinter minibuses have always been the benchmarks for safety. And this isn’t about to change. With several assistance systems, the new minibuses meet the high safety standards of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The Crosswind Assist feature is standard on board. DISTRONIC Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Brake Assist or Active Lane Keeping all contribute to make driving a Sprinter even safer.

The optional DISTRONIC Adaptive Cruise Control monitors the traffic area in front of the vehicle with a sensor integrated into the bumper. The system can help the driver automatically maintain the distance set to the vehicle in front by braking or accelerating: a real plus for the driver in the city and in stop-and-go traffic. If a collision threatens in spite of speed reduction, the standard Active Brake Assist intervenes. DISTRONIC operates in a speed range between 20 km/h and 160 km/h and up to a distance of 200 metres. The difference between the speed of a detected vehicle ahead and the Sprinter’s stored speed is visually displayed in the speedometer.

The Blind Spot Assist detects blind spots at a speed of 30 km/h and can help prevent collisions through visual and acoustic warnings. If a vehicle is in the vicinity of 3.5 metres next to or behind the vehicle, a red light triangle appears in the corresponding exterior mirror. If the driver presses the direction indicator in spite of this warning display, an additional acoustic collision warning is issued. Brand new is the additional Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This warns the driver acoustically and via warning light in the exterior mirror when resetting traffic crossing backwards. If there is no reaction from the driver, the vehicle can be braked automatically.