Comfort & Design
The new Sprinter

Comfort & Design

Ergonomically designed, clearly laid out, functional. Your drivers will be delighted. From the extensive standard equipment through to optional features such as the multifunction steering wheel or colour displays. A valuable innovation is the additional console with up to 14 switches and 12 signal lights. This gives the driver a perfect overview and absolute control over everything he needs.

The new Sprinter minibuses set new standards in terms of operation as well. As standard, for example, they feature keyless ignition—just like in cars. For models up to 4.1 tons of permissible total weight, an electric parking brake is available on request. And rear wing doors will no longer have a put-up hinge in the future. They can be easily opened up to 270 degrees.

The new Sprinter minibuses are fully networked and equipped as standard with the Connectivity module for fleet management. On request, they can be integrated into the OMNIplus ON telematics system. With a single portal, you can benefit from personalised access to a variety of services.

5.9 metres long, a permissible total weight of 3.5 ton. Small, compact and extremely manoeuvrable, the Sprinter Mobility 23 can be easily manoeuvred with a category B licence. You benefit from flexibility that opens up so many opportunities for your company. It can offer you space for up to eight passengers or four wheelchairs. Or you can simply distribute passenger and wheelchair spaces as needed.

From 2020, the Sprinter Mobility 45 with a length of 7.4 metres and a permissible total weight of 5 tonnes will show its true greatness. You can welcome up to 19 passengers — and even up to six wheelchair users. Behind this is a new, simple and ingenious design. By raising the floor in the passenger compartment, the disturbing wheel arches have disappeared underneath so that two wheelchairs can be parked side by side in the Sprinter Mobility 45’s rear axle area. An additional highlight is the optional coach interior ceiling. In terms of design, lighting and ambience, the ideal setup for extensive tours.

The Sprinter Mobility is a true transformation artist. You have just driven wheelchair users to a sporting event, and now you need maximum seating capacity to provide a shared taxi. No problem at all. The quick adaptation of the passenger compartment is its strength. The basis for this is its aluminium floor system, into which six airline rails are integrated in the case of the Sprinter Mobility 23, and eight in the Sprinter Mobility 45. Ideal for mounting wheelchairs quickly and easily, and for a flexible arrangement of the seating. Thanks to the quick-change system, the passenger seats can be removed or moved in no time.

A fast passenger flow is the prerequisite for economical operation. Wide doorways and low entry heights make it easy for your passengers to get on board. Wheelchair users have easy access via a lift or a ramp in the rear. For all other passengers, the side sliding door or the co-driver’s door offers convenient entry comfort. On request, the sliding door is also available as an electric version.

The equipment package specially designed for people with reduced mobility includes an electrically extendable step at the sliding door as standard and an access aid for wheelchairs at the rear. In the Sprinter Mobility 23, this takes over the new 2.4-metre-long two-piece tail ramp. In the Sprinter Mobility 45, the new linear lift has been installed to save space as an underfloor lift. When opening the rear doors, they lay parallel to the side wall. The new 270-degree door hinges lock the doors in this position without additional fixtures. A friendly light above the door opening welcomes the guests.

With its bright and friendly interior, the Sprinter Mobility welcomes its passengers in a pleasant atmosphere. The ergonomically designed passenger seats have armrests. The backrests are adjustable on request. The integrated two- or three-point seat belts offer support. The wheelchair seats are now even equipped as standard with individually adjustable three-point seat belts. For a comfortable and safe ride at all times.