Comfort & Design
The new Sprinter

Comfort & Design

Ergonomically designed, clearly laid out, functional. Your drivers will be delighted. From the extensive standard equipment through to optional features such as the multifunction steering wheel or colour displays. A valuable innovation is the additional console with up to 14 switches and 12 signal lights. This gives the driver a perfect overview and absolute control over everything he needs.

The new Sprinter minibuses set new standards in terms of operation as well. As standard, for example, they feature keyless ignition—just like in cars. For models up to 4.1 tons of permissible total weight, an electric parking brake is available on request. And rear wing doors will no longer have a put-up hinge in the future. They can be easily opened up to 270 degrees.

The new Sprinter minibuses are fully networked and equipped as standard with the Connectivity module for fleet management. On request, they can be integrated into the OMNIplus ON telematics system. With a single portal, you can benefit from personalised access to a variety of services.

The Sprinter Transfer 35 is the first to deliver the model change—and it sets the benchmark for all other models. Based on the proven original body of the Sprinter with high roof and with a length of 6.97 metres, it welcomes 15 passengers as standard. Proof of its flexibility: on request, its capacity can be expanded to 18 or 19 passenger seats.

The new Sprinter Transfer also includes the 5.9 metre-short Sprinter Transfer 23 with 13 passenger seats. It is available as right-hand drive, while all other variants are available both as left-hand and right-hand drive. The new model range will be complete in 2019 with the 7.4-metre-long Sprinter Transfer 45 and the largest among the all-rounders—the Sprinter Transfer 55. Thanks to its rear extension, it is 7.7 metres long and shows what it has to offer at first glance with highly distinctive rear profile, including its luggage compartment flap.

This also applies to the Sprinter Transfer’s door variants. In addition to the wide sliding door, you can choose between three entry-level options at the height of the co-driver’s door. The top variant is certainly the extremely comfortable exterior swinging door. But all variants have one thing in common: for the new models, the entry level is lower and has been significantly widened. So your passengers can get on and off comfortably, quickly and safely.

Whether on short routes or a longer interurban trip, the Sprinter Transfer makes you feel right at home. Not just because of the comfortable interurban seats or the harmonious design. A pleasant interior is also influenced by the design of the ceiling. Depending on the model, you therefore have the choice between the original Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ceiling with or without luggage racks, and an elaborate touring coach inner ceiling.