Safety in the event of an accident.
Sprinter Travel

Safety in the event of an accident.

Unfortunately accidents cannot always be avoided. Mercedes-Benz has ensured that the results of an accident in the Sprinter Travel are as minimal as possible. The sturdy passenger compartment cell delivers outstanding crash performance. The passenger seats are equipped with improved lateral support and come with 2-point seat belts as standard. 3-point seatbelts are available as an option.

The potential to protect the driver in a head-on collision is increased through the driver's front airbag (fitted as standard), working in conjunction with the correctly-worn seatbelt. A front airbag for the co-driver is available as an option.

To supplement the front airbags, a windowbag and thorax bag are also available as optional equipment for both the driver and co-driver. They are deployed on the impact side in the event of a severe side impact. The windowbag serves to increase the degree of protection for the head of the occupants. It deploys in the area of the side windows. Housed in the outside bolsters of the seat backrests, thorax bags are designed to provide increased protection for the torso of the seat occupant.

The Sprinter also has:

  • Three-point seat belts with belt tensioners and belt-force limiters for driver and co-driver fitted as standard
  • Seat belt warning system for driver’s seat fitted as standard
  • 2-way head restraints for front seats fitted as standard
  • 4-way head restraints available as an option

If the worst comes to the worst, it’s good to know that, with the Sprinter, you have chosen a robust and safe place to be. A highly stress-resistant system of beams and a high-strength safety cell are the basis of its safety body. Both are optimised in terms of strength and stiffness during the design phase to optimise the protection of occupants and other road users. 

So-called deformation boxes in the front structure of the Sprinter divert the forces of an impact in a well-directed and controlled manner.

This helps the passenger cell retain stability in the event of a head-on collision, to provide better protection to the occupants. 

Building safe vehicles is the top priority within the integral safety concept of Mercedes-Benz. This also includes all measures that help to mitigate the consequences of an accident. An important part of our work is therefore also targeted information for rescue services personnel. Because detailed knowledge of our vehicles and their safety systems helps the emergency services to reach injured persons more quickly. This can save lives.