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Hofheim, 13. December 2017

Hofheim / Mannheim – The X17 express bus route between Hofheim and Frankfurt Airport has grown by five Citaro Low Entry (LE). On 10 December, Autobus Sippel GmbH handed over the new Citaro LE just in time 
for the timetable change of the route duties.

The X17 express bus route began operation precisely 12 months ago and, thanks to the positive feedback and rising passenger numbers, has successfully established itself. "The design of the buses on the inside and out plays an important role," reported Stephanie Schramm, CEO of Autobus Sippel GmbH. "In the Citaro LE the combination of a high floor and low corridor is perfect for this type of route with a broad stop distance and the associated higher seat occupation time. our passengers appreciate the comfort and the modern interior of the Citaro." All new vehicles are equipped with an air conditioning system, a modern vehicle information system, free Wi-Fi and video monitoring system. 

The X17 route is the first direct connection between Hofheim and Frankfurt Airport without stopping at the main railway station. With the increase of five Citaro LE a half-hourly schedule can now be realised. The express bus route is operated by Autobus Sippel GmbH on behalf of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund (RMV). As a regional traffic service provider the Sippel Group has been operating regular services and special services in Hesse and Rhineland Palatinate with its companies since 1928.