Daimler Commercial Vehicles South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
1 Gateway Drive
#16-01 Westgate Tower
608531 Singapore
Tel.: (+65) 6849 8000

Represented by the Board of Management:
1) Dieter Zetsche
2) Martin Daum
3) Renata Jungo Brüngger
4) Ola Källenius
5) Wilfried Porth
6) Britta Seeger
7) Hubertus Troska
8) Bodo Uebber

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Manfred Bischoff

Jointly presented by:
Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd., Daimler Financial Services Africa & Asia Pacific Ltd.

Co Reg No : 199000355E
GST Reg No : M2-0091051-6