O 500
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O 500

Axels 2-axle
Chassis Type Raised floor
Buggy yes
Center proportion low space frame
Application area Coach/Inter City
Dimensions & weights  
Min. vehicle length 11,8 m
Width 2,5 m
Transport wheelbase 3,0 m
GVW 18.500 kg
GVW 1st axle 7.000 kg
GVW 2nd axle 11.500 kg
GVW 3rd axle -
Chassis weight 6.078 kg
Chassis weight 1st axle 914 kg
Chassis weight 2nd axle 5.146 kg
Chassis weight 3rd axle -
Model OM 457
Power (hp) 354 (260 kW)
Torque (Nm) 1850
Displacement (l) 11,97
Emission E3/E5
Engine location rear
Manual GO-210
Automated GO-240
Service Brake  
Type Disc/drum
Autom. Brake adjuster for drum
Auxiliary Brake  
Retarder GO-210 option with Voith 115
GO-240 option with retarder
Retarder with brake pedal yes
Engine brake (exhaust) yes
Top brake yes
Safety Systems  
EBS yes
ABS yes
ESP yes
ASR yes
LDWS in 2018
Fire warning system yes
Axle & Suspension  
Front axle I-beam
Rear axle HO4/RO440
Tag axle -
Suspension air
Front suspension 2 outer bellows
Rear suspension 4 outer bellows
El. controlled air suspension optional
Kneeling optional
Tyres 295/80R-22.5
12R22.5 PR 16
Rims Steel/Aluminum
Power steering Hydraulic
Fuel tank 300 l
Ad Blue tank 35 l
Transport tank 20 l
Alternator 1 x 140A (+1 x 140A optional)

Driver area

Steering wheel Adjustable
Cruise control yes
FMS-Gateway yes


Engine location rear
Chassis type Raised floor
GVW 18.500