At DTBSA when it comes to Compliance and Integrity. For us, Integrity, Compliance and Legal responsibility are not merely abstract concepts — they are inseparable from our daily business activities.

Passion, Discipline, Respect and Integrity are the values that serve as Daimler Truck’s guiding principles in the knowledge that economic excellence can only be permanently achieved if the company’s actions are aligned with ethical principles that are accepted and perceived to be fair.

In taking Integrity as a top priority, we reiterate our commitment to our company values.

We know that only those who act responsibly can achieve sustained success over the long term. Compliance requires responsible conduct from all of us including our business partners and we encourage our business partners to conduct their businesses with integrity and in an ethical manner.

The Integrity Code is based on our shared values developed with our employees. It defines the basis for our actions at the workplace, such as fairness, responsibility, mutual respect, transparency, openness and the compliance with laws and rights.

Integrity Code includes general rules of conduct along with requirements and regulations on the following topics:

• Respect for and protection of human rights
• Compliance with laws and internal regulations
• Appropriate conduct within the Group and in dealings with government officials, business partners and customers
• Dealing with conflicts of interest
• Prevention of all forms of corruption
• Protection of company assets
• Principles of social responsibility

The Integrity Code can be accessed here

BPO Whistleblower system

The Whistleblower System BPO receives reports of rule violations. It is an important element of good corporate governance.

Major risk violations include, for example, bribery, breaches of antitrust (competition) law and anti-money laundering violations. When processing the reports, the Whistleblower System BPO ensures complete confidentiality. Furthermore, our whistleblower system places great importance on fairness for both parties.

If you have concrete indications of major risk violations in connection with the Daimler Group, you can contact the Whistleblower System BPO via the following contact details.

Business Practices Office contact details:

Daimler AG
HPC: E703 - IL/CBP
Business Practices Office (BPO)
70546 Stuttgart

BPO South Africa Hotline 0800 983 994 Available from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18H00

The Information Regulator (South Africa) ​​​​
The Information Regulator of South Africa is based at: 

JD House, 27 Stiemens Street,
Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001
P.O Box 31533,
Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017

General inquiries:

Complaints (complete POPIA/PAIA form 5): 
- should your PAIA request be denied or there is no response from a public or private bodies for access to records, you may use this email address to lodge a complaint. 
– should you feel that your personal information has been violated, you may use this e-mail address to lodge a complaint.