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PT Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia (DCVI), the official sole sales agent of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in Indonesia, today launches two new variants of Mercedes-Benz bus, Mercedes-Benz OF 1623 RF and Mercedes-Benz O500RS 1836 as the answer to the need of customers for medium and long-haul transportation. The launch of these buses also marks DCVI’s commitment to provide best products for Indonesian market.

Providing maximum possible safety and comfort is the highest priority of Mercedes-Benz buses. To ensure a safer operation, Mercedes-Benz OF 1623 RF provides various exclusive safety features of Mercedes-Benz such as full air brake system supported by exhaust brake and open throttle valve. Meanwhile, the installation of front and rear stabilizers and parabolic spring give maximum comfort to drivers and passengers. Carrying OM 906 LA (Euro 3) engine that has proven 1,000,000 km operations without over-haul in Indonesia, Mercedes-Benz OF 1623 RF represents a reliable bus that fits medium haul transport. 


In addition, the new Mercedes-Benz O500RS 1836 is an improved model of previous premium coach bus generation that has been serving Mercedes-Benz customers and passengers in Indonesia. The new MB G-210 transmission provides higher torque than the previous generation, making the bus more reliable. Purposefully built for long-haul transport and tourism industry of Indonesia, Mercedes-Benz O500RS 1836 comes with a more powerful engine of OM 457 LA (Euro 3) and various premium features such as cruise control, advanced breaking system which integrates disc brakes, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) on all wheels and Anti-Skid Regulation (ASR) as well as retarder and air suspension with rigid beam axle.  

For this launch ceremony, Mercedes-Benz collaborates with two national bodybuilder companies, Laksana and Tentrem. Highlighting the importance of safety, Laksana utilized roll over test with UN ECE R66 Europe for the body covering Mercedes-Benz O500RS 1836. The application of this test also allowed decreasing the weight of the body by 400kg. On Mercedes-Benz OF 1623 RF, the chassis is covered by Max HDD body from Tentrem, well-known for its consistency in working on front-engine bus and presenting dynamic models.