Future-proof, complete solutions.
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Future-proof, complete solutions.

Interview with Dietrich Müller, CEO at Daimler Buses Solutions.

Daimler Buses already offers transport operators complete turnkey system solutions. What will change for customers with the new Daimler Buses Solutions subsidiary?

At Daimler Buses Solutions, we see ourselves as a specialist unit for the infrastructure surrounding electric buses, i.e. the overall system. We bundle all the necessary expertise. Thanks to the new organisational structure, we can support customers even more efficiently in switching to electromobility thanks to our system expertise and drive. It goes without saying that cooperation of this kind also works for mixed fleet operators.

“We bundle all the necessary expertise.”

Dietrich Müller, CEO at Daimler Buses Solutions

In what areas do you think people need the most advice?

Electromobility is admittedly a relatively new business sector, but it is one in which a large number of providers already use different systems, not all which are suitable for the requirements of all transport operators. In my experience, it is therefore important to initially develop a customer-specific, overall concept that is future-proof and offers maximum potential for further development. This then gives us an overview that can provide valuable information.

What exactly does your support involve? In other words, what specific range of services do you offer?

Our range of services begins with the initial customer consultation in all matters related to the electrification of a bus depot. Based on the analysed targets and requirements, we work with the customer and Daimler Buses Sales to create a schedule and an overall concept for the depot. We then implement this strategy step by step, including planning and installing a suitable charging infrastructure. We select the best suppliers, coordinate construction and electrical work, take care of connecting the system to the power supply and are also there for customers if they have any questions about charging management. As a rule, we supervise the commissioning of electric buses with an extensive trial phase until everything is up and running correctly.

What advantages does working with Daimler Buses Solutions have for transport companies?

First of all, as part of our collaboration, the customer has one central contact person who takes care of everything and has an overview of all project steps. This makes cooperation efficient for the customer and also relieves the workload for the customer’s staff. As everything comes from a single source, the customer also only has one contract partner. This gives them legal security because we are responsible for ensuring that the entire system works correctly. There are also tangible economic advantages: because Daimler Buses Solutions' are specialists, we can bundle resources and make attractive offers.

When is the right time for a customer to contact you?

As soon as they are thinking about purchasing electric buses, we should talk. The contact persons in Sales and Service at Daimler Buses have remained the same even after our restructuring process.

Which companies have approached you so far?

The majority of our customers are small and medium-sized companies, mostly municipal operators, but also private operators of public bus routes. Large transport operators often have their own infrastructure departments. However, many customers from this segment also require targeted support in specific areas, such as the implementation of digital services. OMNIplus ON is our expert partner with a great deal of know-how in both buses and IT.

“We don't leave customers to their own devices even after the project has been completed.”

Dietrich Müller, CEO at Daimler Buses Solutions

After the turnkey set-up of the depot, what happens during day-to-day operations?

We don't leave customers to their own devices even after the project has been completed. As a rule, there will be a specific service agreement in place and we provide warranties for our range of services. This naturally also applies to our eCitaro buses, for which OMNIplus offers special eServiceContracts. We are keen to build long-term customer relationships, which is why we are, of course, always there for the bus operator if something should go awry.

Finally, let’s take a look into the future: is Daimler Buses Solutions already looking at the intercity bus or touring coach segments?

Of course! The next bus/coach segments, such as intercity buses and touring coaches, are just around the corner. Public charging will also play a role here in addition to depot charging. Even though we do not offer electric vehicles in these segments as yet, early and long-term planning in collaboration with customers is very valuable.