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The readers again voted Mercedes-Benz Citaro the best urban bus. With more than 36 000 units produced in 15 years, the Citaro is the most successful urban bus ever built. Deliveries of the Euro VI-compliant Citaro started as far back as May of last year and by the end of 2013 there will be more than 900 of these most environmentally friendly urban buses on the road. Despite the complex Euro VI technology it also has become more efficient. A fact it also proved during the Record Run Buses 2012: on a 1400 km run monitored by Dekra the Citaro Euro VI delivered fuel economy benefits of 8.5 per cent over its predecessors.

The best midibus this year as well is the Mercedes-Benz Tourino. As a handy touring coach it is the specialist for transporting smaller tour groups. Its unique concept brings together a combination of rear engine and a front axle with independent suspension with a complete safety package that includes the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®).

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