Regensburg is switching: the Regensburg transport company "das Stadtwerk.Mobilität" wants to convert a good part of the bus fleet to fully electric city buses within a short period of time. Six Mercedes-Benz eCitaro are now making the start - high-tech city buses drive through the historic old town.

High-tech and history: there are now six remarkably well-equipped Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro buses in Regensburg.

With a profusion of exciting innovations Mercedes-Benz is underscoring its leadership position in the bus segment. The new developments centre around environmental compatibility, safety, economic efficiency and comfort. The new eCitaro G articulated bus with revolutionary solid-state batteries is a pioneering achievement in automotive construction which demonstrates the company’s position as segment leader in technology for all-electric inter-city buses. The new Intouro sets new standards for inter-city buses with its economic efficiency and versatility and a range of ground-breaking assistance systems. And finally, the Sprinter City 75 with new seating raises the bar for minibuses yet again.

Profusion of exciting innovations from Mercedes-Benz Buses: new all-electric eCitaro G with solid-state batteries, new economical and versatile Intouro inter-city bus, new Sprinter City 75 minibus.

Applause, please, for the new all-electric Mercedes-Benz articulated bus eCitaro G. It is optionally equipped with innovative solid-state batteries. With this battery concept, Mercedes-Benz takes the technological lead not just in the bus segment but in automotive construction worldwide.

Der neue vollelektrische Gelenkbus Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro G mit innovativen Festkörperbatterien.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz Intouro raises the bar for buses for inter-city and excursion transport to a whole new level. With pioneering optional assistance systems such as Active Brake Assist 5 the emergency braking assistance system and Sideguard Assist, it offers an unprecedented level of safety for buses. At the same time it is a model of efficiency and functionality.

* Sustainability award 2019: Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and Citaro hybrid win the city bus award.