The Citaro.
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The Citaro.

The benchmark.

The star is what makes the difference. In the past 120 years, Mercedes-Benz has turned buses into a top-performing, safe and environmentally friendly form of transport. With the Citaro, a highly economic and well-loved bus was called into life – a bus which revolutionised the public transport sector. Thanks to the proven Citaro modular construction system, it covers the entire scope of transportation requirements of public transport bus companies, be that for urban regular-service buses or inter-city routes. Regardless of the version: the Citaro doesn't follow any trends. It sets them.



Every bus costs money. The Citaro saves it. There are many factors in operating a bus that cost money.

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Mercedes-Benz is pursuing the vision of accident-free driving. The Mercedes-Benz integral safety concept makes an important contribution towards achieving this aim.

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Comfort & Design

Comfort & Design.

The attractive Citaro doesn't just have particularly attractive, outwardly appreciable charm. Its inner values are also especially convincing. That's because, here, every single centimetre was well thought-out.

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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures.

With its numerous equipment options, the Citaro fulfils just about any requirements for use in urban or inter-city bus routes.

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