Total cost of ownership

Total cost of ownership

BlueEFFICIENCY Power engines with BlueTEC 6 are not only impressive because of their enormous economic efficiency, but also because of their excellent environmental compatibility. The engines ensure a drastic reduction in nitrogen oxides and particles in exhaust gas. Pollutants have reached the detection limit as a result. Independent investigations confirm that Citaro emission levels are even considerably lower than Euro VI limits under practical conditions. An impressive advance that once again sees the public service bus exceeding all expectations.

Other components such as the lighting system, optional air conditioning system* or the electrically operated pivot-and-slide doors also have an effect on fuel consumption. The Citaro also has optimised battery management on board. All components are perfectly tuned to one another using intelligent electronics.

Everything in the Citaro is designed to help avoid expensive down times. The filters for the air extraction in the driver's area are easy to access and have a high volume which means long intervals between cleaning. All the essential components are arranged to be simple and easy to access. This ensures long maintenance intervals and short repair times.

* The air conditioning system and the refrigerator of your vehicle are filled with the refrigerant R-134a, and contain a fluorinated greenhouse gas. Notices with detailed information on the type of refrigerant used can be found on the respective unit. In connection please note the instructions in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. For more detailed information please see the relevant technical information brochure.