Low Emission Certified

Low Emission Certified

Low fuel consumption, low emissions, and now, lower operational costs.  The Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid already delivers leading-edge efficiency to operators, and to passengers, an even higher standard of refinement with noticeably lower noise from the powertrain.  The significantly lower exhaust emissions are a benefit to everyone.

Now, the hybrid variant of the best-selling Citaro family delivers better-than-before operational cost savings following recent approval for Low Emission Bus (LEB) certification.

Your benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Smart energy recuperation and storage giving up to 8.5% fuel saving
  • Technology that pays off
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The Citaro hybrid strengthens its appeal when it comes to TCO.  A typical operator can now enjoy a saving of £3,000.00* in operational expenses per annum per vehicle - as the Citaro hybrid can attract up to a 6p/km LEB Service Operator’s Grant.

Cost-efficiency and environmental concern are at the basis of every bus in the Mercedes-Benz Citaro linage.  Beyond government grants, the Citaro hybrid already delivers up to an 8.5% fuel consumption saving vs the Euro VI diesel powered Citaro.  Once more, the outlay cost between the two models is kept minimal thanks to the hybrid’s development using proven and shared components sourced from Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and trucks.

A compact hybrid module, it supports the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 Euro VI diesel engine in all driving situations.  The 14 kW “self-charging” electric engine regenerates energy when coasting and braking.  When power from the engine is required, for example when starting from stationary or increasing vehicle momentum, the hybrid module supports the Euro VI diesel engine thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions output.

* Based on up to 6p/km Low Emission Bus (LEB) Service Operator’s Grant and average 50,000 kilometres per annum per vehicle.  Applicable only to scheduled services which are LEB eligible and pence per-kilometre rate can vary by region.