Mercedes-Benz buses are part of the face of many European cities. That face becomes a little bit more distinctive with the Citaro. We have made its already powerful design idiom stand out even more, with many new design details such as the striking front panel, the contoured wheel guards or the embossed Citaro lettering on the rear.

The modern side windows with their dynamically curved bottom edge are also eye-catching: the eye is drawn to them even from the outside. The optional new destination display* can even change colour – you can choose between green, blue or red for the display.


The Citaro interior is characterised by clear lines and loving attention to detail. Passengers will feel good as soon as they board. This is thanks not only to the brighter lighting in the entry area but also to the pleasantly designed passenger compartment. Additional equipment lines give you greater freedom still when designing the interior. Whether rows of double seats or groups of seats facing each other – you can decide upon the zones into which you wish to divide the interior. All done according to your wishes – and those of your passengers.

*Optional equipment