The eCitaro G

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G is the ideal solution for very busy routes with high passenger numbers. The battery-electric articulated bus can transport up to 146 passengers through the city – without producing any emissions. Two drive axles provide high drive power even in demanding topography as well as a high recuperation capacity. And with its state-of-the-art high-performance batteries, the eCitaro G can reliably cover routes of around 220 kilometres.

Explained: The new Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G

The new eCitaro G is the first fully electric driven articulated bus bearing the three-pointed star. With space for up to 146 passengers, it stands both for sustainability and efficient passenger transport in urban centers and is an important factor for our vision of livable cities.

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The 18.13 metre long and 3.40 metre high articulated bus is available with either three or four doors. With the modular system, the eCitaro G is able to take a variety of battery combinations – and so the right configuration can be made for every requirement. Mercedes-Benz can equip the all-electric articulated bus with a minimum of four or a maximum of seven battery packs with a capacity of up to 686 kWh. Of these, up to five can be located on the front section and one each on the rear section and in the former engine compartment.

The eCitaro G is an articulated bus that is also modern in its interior that meets all the requirements for contemporary passenger transport in urban areas. In the eCitaro G, the continuous low-floor design from the first to the last row of seats guarantees a high level of comfort and fast passenger flow. The 18.13 metre long and 3.40 metre high articulated bus is available with either three or four doors.

eCitaro G

eCitaro G · 3 doors - Length: 18 m · Passenger capacity: 146 with standard battery equipment

eCitaro G

eCitaro G · 4 doors - Length: 18 m · Passenger capacity: 146 with standard battery equipment

Both the door positions and the layout of the passenger area are identical to the Citaro G with its combustion engine. The turning circle, track circle, and turning circle widths are also identical to that of the Citaro G, enabling the eCitaro G to operate the same way in traffic.

The eCitaro G can be manoeuvred safely even in narrow streets. The front and rear sections are connected to Mercedes-Benz’s unique jack-knife control system (ATC) by the tried-and-tested low-floor articulation. This innovative technology guarantees a high level of stability and impressive manoeuvrability. Manoeuvring is extremely convenient even in reverse gear thanks to the independent wheel suspension on the front axle. This makes the eCitaro G particularly manoeuvrable and also increases driving comfort. The eCitaro G's drive technology is precisely matched to its special vehicle concept. For example, the eCitaro G is designed as standard as an articulated pusher bus with its driven axle in the rear section. What's more, we tailor it precisely to the transport company's individual requirements. If, for example, the requirements for power and traction are particularly high, perhaps because of the topography or demanding conditions in winter operation, a version with two driven axles is also available. The ZF AVE 130 electric axle is then used not only as a rear axle, but also as a centre axle. This special configuration guarantees superior performance and excellent vehicle traction – even when the eCitaro G is on the road in difficult conditions. And there's another advantage that csn further increase profitability: the second drive axle increases the eCitaro G's recuperation capacity and decreases its tyre wear.

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