The eCitaro G

With the eCitaro G we present an all-electric articulated bus for busy routes. It is the logical extension of the Mercedes-Benz eMobility concept. With its modern, spacious interior, it can handle a practical number of passengers of up to 146. On an individual passenger basis, the eCitaro G impresses with its particularly good value in terms of purchasing and maintenance costs. This often makes it the most economical solution for routes with high passenger volumes. In comparison with the eCitaro rigid bus, it optimally covers the varying transport needs of future-oriented transport businesses. The eCitaro G scores with the classic values of the Citaro G and brings with it the outstanding technology and performance of the electrified rigid bus. At the same time, it benefits in terms of quality from numerous proven components. Its body is based on the Citaro G with combustion engine and its roof is based on the Citaro G NGT with integrated heavy-duty rails.

Explained: The new Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G

The new eCitaro G is the first fully electric driven articulated bus bearing the three-pointed star. With space for up to 146 passengers, it stands both for sustainability and efficient passenger transport in urban centers and is an important factor for our vision of livable cities. 

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In the eCitaro G a continuous low floor from the first to last row of seats ensures that passengers enjoy a high degree of comfort and guarantees a speedy passenger flow. The 18.13-metre-long and 3.40-metre-high articulated bus is available with three or four doors. Both the door positions and the layout of the passenger compartment mirror the combustion-powered Citaro G. The turning circle, track circle and ring width also match the Citaro G. The eCitaro G can be maneuvered safely even in narrow streets. Its front and rear sections are connected by a low floor articulation joint with a unique anti-jackknife control system (ATC) from Mercedes-Benz. This innovative technology ensures a high degree of stability and manoeuverability. Even in reverse, manoeuvring is extremely easy. This is also ensured by the independent wheel suspension on the front axle. It makes the eCitaro G particularly manoeuvrable and additionally increases ride comfort.

The eCitaro G is designed as a standard pushpull articulated bus with a driven axle in the trailer. If the demands on power and traction are particularly high, for example due to a challenging landscape or demanding conditions in winter, it is optionally available with two driven axles. The ZF AVE 130 electric axle is then used not only as a rear axle but also as a centre axle.

This special configuration ensures superior performance and traction even under difficult conditions. There is also another advantage that further enhances the vehicle’s economic efficiency: the second drive axle increases the recuperation capacity of the eCitaro G and reduces tyre wear.

eCitaro G

eCitaro G · 3 doors - Length: 18 m · Passenger capacity: 146 with standard battery equipment

eCitaro G

eCitaro G · 4 doors - Length: 18 m · Passenger capacity: 146 with standard battery equipment

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