The overall profitability of a bus depends on many factors, and this holds true for the all-electric eCitaro. Electric buses are still more expensive to buy than buses with internal combustion engines. However, this is offset by possible financial support, lower energy consumption and less need for repairs due to the omission of wear-and-tear parts. eMobility Consulting from Daimler Buses supports transport companies in the planning, calculation and integration of eCitaro buses into their own fleets.

* Beneficiary conditions: Average requirements for speed, topography and loading, simple climatic conditions.

The daily routine of a city bus is characterised by many unpredictable adversities. This is why Mercedes-Benz bases its range specification on a typical city bus deployment based on SORT2. With the currently achievable ranges of the eCitaro, subnetworks can be operated today without intermediate charging in the daily workload of a city bus.

Energy consumption of rigid vehicle according to SORT2 urban driving cycle (in kWh/km).

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