Comfort for the passengers

Comfort for the passengers

Arrive relaxed.

The eCitaro is anything but an off-the-shelf vehicle, instead it adapts individually to the wishes and requirements of the transport operators. This also holds true for to the interior equipment and appointments: from the passenger seats to the floor surfaces and the handrails to communication equipment to invisible details such as the door control system - everything can be individually configured.

In addition, passengers benefit from the intelligent thermal management of the e-bus, which keeps the interior temperature within a pleasant range at all times of the year.

Passenger compartment.

Even the fully-equipped solo bus offers space for up to 88 passengers. Generously dimensioned window panes make the trip through the city a true sightseeing tour.

Low entrance area.

The low entrance also ensures high passenger comfort for passengers with limited mobility. Getting in and out of the bus is comfortable and safe even with a child's stroller.

Luggage rack.

Safe stowage option between the seats.

Seating variants.

The eCitaro integrates the familiar interior layout of the Citaro, so that the distribution in the passenger compartment remains the same. This means that fleet and passengers do not have to adapt.

Charging station.

Charging possibility for smartphone and tablet.

Night lighting.

Switching the lighting modules in the ceiling creates pleasant lighting for night driving.

  • Passenger compartment
  • Low entrance area
  • Luggage rack
  • Seating variants
  • Charging station
  • Night lighting

The roof-mounted air conditioning system is additionally used as a heat pump during the colder season of year and therefore ensures an effective and efficient climate control of the passenger compartment. Further advantages are offered by the use of the CO2 refrigerant. It is convincing with a particularly efficient use of the heat pump even at very low temperatures of up to minus ten degrees Celsius.

A further plus: even during the charging of the batteries in the depot the vehicle interior can be pre and even over-conditioned to the desired temperature. This allows the bus to already start heated or cooled depending on the time of year. The layout of heating and climate control is orientated by the requirements of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). At extreme ambient temperatures, the comfort level in the limit areas is slightly lowered in the interests of energy consumption and therefore range.

Instead of a constant inside temperature setting all year round, this orientates itself to the situation-adapted comfort feeling of the passengers. As the passengers generally only spend a short amount of time in the vehicle and their clothing is generally adapted to the time of year, a higher inside temperature setting is used on hot summer days and a lower one on cold winter days, without leaving the area of comfort.

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