Expertise for urban E-mobility.

The experts from eMobility Consulting support transport companies in the implementation of electric mobility concepts for urban areas. At the same time, customer wishes and ideas are precisely sounded out and a tailor-made concept for implementation is developed together with the customer.

eMobility Consulting at a glance

  • Comprehensive consulting process on overall E-Mobility-system
  • Unique know-how for the bus transport system through Expert networking between management, technology and development
  • On-site consultation
  • Further advice on the infrastructure for electric buses

eMobility Consulting from Daimler Buses is a comprehensive consulting service in which experienced employees first present the efficiency of the eCitaro to the transport companies and then sound out the ideas, expectations and wishes of the companies. In a next step, each line is analysed individually and comprehensive data is compiled: from the line length to passenger volume to average speed. Even the outside temperature plays a role here. A specially developed simulation program maps the eCitaro’s system behaviour under real operating conditions, calculates the energy requirement and simulates various recharge scenarios.

Our experts evaluate the individual deployments and link them together. This results in different variants, from the standard setting with range calculation to the topic of charge management to the organisation of the depot. The advantage here is the experts’ comprehensive knowledge of their own buses, the direct communication line to the development engineers, and the professional and trusting relationship with the transport companies – which all results in very unique know-how for the bus transport system.

In addition to providing advice on how to best deploy the eCitaro fleet, the end result will include precise recommendations and calculations on charging infrastructure, energy consumption, grid connection power, and the development of cost-effective charging and load management.

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