Comfort for the driver

Comfort for the driver

Everything in its usual place: the driver cockpit of the eCitaro.

Ask your drivers why they like driving the eCitaro from Mercedes-Benz so much. Is it because of the intuitive operating concept? Is it the next-level comfort furnishings? Are the helpful assistance systems the deciding factor? Or are the most impressive aspects its good overview and perfect handling? Regardless of the answer, you can be sure that everyone will feel at home right away in the eCitaro.

Your drivers will be able to find their way around the eCitaro cockpit right away! The control buttons are located in the usual place. The driving direction is selected as usual with the D-N-R pushbuttons. Only the instrumentation has been changed: a power meter now replaces the rev counter. It displays the current power demand and/or energy recuperation rate. The driver also receives information about the charge status of the batteries. He or she can access the range, available power and a charging indicator on the central display. On the road, the multifunction steering wheel helps your drivers keep everything under control. The individually adjustable driver’s seat and the sensitive climate control guarantee ideal working conditions. Every detail of the practical storage compartments has been carefully designed. And the optional electrically adjustable inside rearview mirror and camera systems ensure that the passenger compartment and door areas remain in the driver’s field of vision at all times.

In addition, innovative assistance systems such as Sideguard Assist 2, Frontguard Assist and the optional Preventive Brake Assist provide support in critical traffic situations and help to prevent accidents. The eCitaro comes with Traffic Sign Assist as standard, which detects the maximum permissible speed in the city – for example 30 zones – and warns the driver if the speed limit has been exceeded. Attention Assist, which detects and warns the driver of drowsiness and inattentiveness, also helps keep road users safe. The new, optionally available MirrorCam offers a significantly larger field of vision when looking out of the side windows compared with conventional exterior mirrors. What's more, the 360° camera system in the solo bus and the 270° system in the articulated bus enable better orientation when manoeuvring.

Your drivers can look forward to quiet and comfortable driving at all times! With the eCitaro's advanced drive technology with acceleration control, the vehicle runs as normal, even when fully occupied. A long steering lock angle enables a small turning radius (53°/46°). Long spring travel and newly tuned air suspension and elastokinematics noticeably increase driving comfort. In addition, the roll and pitch control (WNR) dampens the inclination movements of the vehicle. The adjustment takes place depending on the driving situation: Safe and tight during braking and dynamic driving, soft and comfortable when the driving is smooth. Not only a sophisticated design, it also supports the driver to ensure safe handling.

Driver's workstation.

The cockpit of the eCitaro is only minimally different from that of a conventional driver's workstation. The operating concept is virtually identical to that of a conventional Citaro. The direction of travel is selected with a push button switch, while the instruments are indeed different. Instead of a rev counter, the eCitaro uses a power meter that shows the momentary power requirements. The central display provides the driver with information on the range and state of charge of the battery. In addition, the driver can call up a charging display. If a fuel-operated auxiliary heater is installed, there is also a fuel level indicator.

Windows and climate control.

Generously-dimensioned window surfaces pose a challenge for the engineers designing city buses: They are, together with the large volume interior and the frequent opening and closing of the doors, among the factors that make a sophisticated climate control system necessary. In the case of an all-electric bus the expenditure is considerably higher – thanks to the high degree of effectivity of the electric motor in operation, only very little usable waste energy is produced. That's why the eCitaro uses intelligent thermal management to control the interior temperature in the driver's workstation.

Stowage facilities.

The stowage compartments around the cockpit have also been thought through down to the last detail: starting with the clothes hook, to a large stowage compartment in the door of the driver's compartment, to the implements compartment. An electrically cooled, insulated compartment is located under the folding armrest to the left of the driver's position. It can accommodate a 1.5-litre beverage bottle or several beverage cans. A closed compartment at the front right can be used to stow lost and found objects. Close to it, the fire extinguisher is mounted at the ready. Emergency devices such as first aid kits find their place easily visible and accessible.

Switches and buttons.

The direction of travel is selected as usual using the D-N-R push-buttons, the instrumentation has been adapted.

Instrument panel and steering wheel.

In the eCitaro a power meter replaces the rev counter. A central display enables the driver to view the battery charge, range and charge indicator. The steering wheel, too is a multi-talent. Menu navigation is simple, by means of the function buttons on the steering wheel. Whether a status message or an operating indicator – everything is shown clearly and comprehensibly on the colour display.

Driver protection door.

The driver protection door increases safety for the driver. The shape of the cab also ensures that the temperature selected by the driver is maintained well.

  • Driver's workstation
  • Windows and climate control
  • Stowage facilities
  • Switches and buttons
  • Instrument panel and steering wheel
  • Driver protection door
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