Charging technology

Charging technology

Charging at the depot or intermediate charging en route? Via plug, charging rail or pantograph? Alternating or sequential? With its future-proof flexibility and consistent practicality, the eCitaro's charging techology make it a truly irresistible vehicle. Combine different charging techniques. Choose from various positioning options for sockets or charging rails. And conveniently control all charging processes online with OMNIplus ON Remote Charge Control – regardless of the charging infrastructure.

Using a CCS plug, the fully electric eCitaro can be charged with up to 150 kilowatts. Each vehicle comes with two sockets in different locations, enabling you to position your city bus either on the left or right of the charging station, as you require. This simplifies both the charging strategy and the positioning in the parking areas. There's also the possibility of charging two eCitaro buses sequentially, i.e. one after the other, at a single charger with two charging points. This avoids charging peaks and takes into account your e-buses' deployment times, which of course often vary. If you prefer interim charging, for example at an end station, the eCitaro can also adapt as needed. How? Because the eCitaro can also come fitted with a current collector (pantograph) or alternatively with charging rails on the roof, which can be connected to the fixed pantograph at a charging station. The charging interfaces can optionally be fitted with an RFID tag to ensure clear vehicle identification during charging at the depot. Both pantograph solutions enable high-performance charging with up to 300 kW charging capacity. The eCitaro is also available with combinations of plug charging and pantograph or charging rails.

With Remote Charge Control from OMNIplus ON, you can charge your electric buses to meet your exact needs effortlessly. The electric bus fleet digital service works independently of the charging infrastructure and makes sure that your eCitaro or eCitaro fuel cell is always prepared for its next journey – and it's efficient and battery-saving too. With the remote control, the vehicles can also be pre-cooled or pre-heated, meaning that less energy is required for auxiliary consumers while driving and the range is increased in the process. As no direct connection to the CCS charger in the depot is required, there's also no need to connect the vehicle manualy.

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