Charging technology

Charging technology

Just like its battery technology, the charging technology of the eCitaro also impresses with its future-proof flexibility. With this intelligent modular concept, transport companies can tailor their city bus in every respect precisely to the individual needs of the company or even the individual routes.

Each eCitaro comes standard with a connector for Combo 2 type plugs – also known as CCS Type 2 – in the usual position of the tank filler neck. In future, the eCitaro can be optionally equipped with a second charging socket on the tailgate of the vehicle. DC charging by plug usually takes place at the charging station in the depot. At the same time, the interior can be preconditioned to the desired temperature. Whilst the vehicle is charging in the depot, fast and secure data exchange via CCS connector is enabled, all compliant with the new ISO 15118 standard.

If highpower opportunistic charges are required to extend the range, the eCitaro can also be charged en route in a few minutes using a pantograph. A pantograph can be installed above the front axle on request; the option of charging rails will be added later. Opportunistic charging may be necessary, for example, if the eCitaro has fewer battery clusters to increase passenger capacity. The eCitaro thus covers all common charging variants and adapts exactly to your requirements. With our eConsulting we are happy to advise you on the best individual charging strategy. We are also your partner when it comes to setting up the appropriate charging infrastructure – from depot charging to the charging station with mast or portal.

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