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Leinfelden-Echterdingen / Bonn – The locally emission-free, all-electric Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro G is the Electric Bus Champion of the year 2024. The low-floor articulated city bus bearing the three-pointed star once again received the best ratings from the high-calibre jury in this year's electric bus comparison test organised by Omnibusspiegel bus magazine.

Last year, the Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro – at that time taking part in the solo bus version – had already come out on top against all competitors and won the coveted title. At the sixth edition of the renowned electric bus comparison test, which took place in Bonn in the middle of April 2024, more than 40 international specialised journalists and representatives of passenger transport companies spent four days closely scrutinising the latest low-floor articulated buses with battery-electric drive systems.

In addition to test drives on a challenging test circuit leading through the outskirts of Bonn, the testers' programme also included ride-alongs as passengers. Experienced workshop professionals and service technicians also evaluated the service and repair friendliness of all participating vehicles in a workshop check. Following the extensive test trips, the testers awarded points for passenger comfort, handling for the drivers, manufacturing and finishing quality and the service-friendliness of each bus. The Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro G achieved most of the points.

At this year's electric bus comparison test, the Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro G took part in its current version with third-generation lithium-ion batteries (NMC3). The test bus was equipped with six high-voltage battery packs with a total energy capacity of around 588 kWh, thus ensuring that the four-door articulated bus has an adequate range of operation. Alternatively, the eCitaro articulated bus is available with a minimum of four and a maximum of seven battery packs with a combined capacity of up to 686 kWh.

The layout of the passenger compartment of the eCitaro corresponds to the familiar Citaro models. Just like the passengers, the driver of the eCitaro is also on familiar territory and does not have to adapt to major changes. The cockpit of the test vehicle combines functionality with comfort. Quite deliberately, the instrumentation, controls and operating concept only slightly differ from the Citaro with combustion engine – this makes it easier for drivers to switch quickly between the vehicles.

Safety is always the top priority for a Mercedes‑Benz bus or coach. Like every articulated bus bearing the three-pointed star, the test bus in the electric bus comparison test was equipped with the dynamic Articulation Turntable Controller (ATC), which ensures optimum steering characteristics, high stability and great manoeuvrability. Other equipment features on board of the test bus included the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), the radar-based Sideguard Assist turning assistant and the Preventive Brake Assist active braking assistance system.

In the run-up to the future General Safety Regulation (GSR) within the EU and in other European countries, the members of the Citaro family and thus also the eCitaro G will gradually become even safer by July 2024 thanks to new assistance and safety systems.

The new systems include the Sideguard Assist 2 turning assistant, which reacts and warns even more precisely if there is a risk of of collision with pedestrians and cyclists and now also monitors the area on the driver's side. Frontguard Assist is completely new. It detects and warns of obstacles or people directly in front of the vehicle. Together with the reversing camera, which now comes as standard, or even more with the optional 360° camera system in the solo vehicle or 270° camera system in the articulated bus, the drivers are provided with a comprehensive information and warning system for the area around their eCitaro buses.

Another new feature is the intelligent Traffic Sign Assist speed and traffic sign assistant. Finally, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPM) and the Attention Assist (AtAs) attention assistant as well as an interface for using alcohol testers at the driver's workplace are going to be adopted as standard equipment.

The Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro G not only impresses with its safety, high level of ride comfort, ease of operation and service-friendliness. Thanks to OMNIplus, the service organisation of Daimler Buses, customers can also rely on a strong, Europe-wide service network with more than 80 specialised eBus service points as well as a fast and reliable supply of spare parts. In addition, the digital services from the OMNIplus service brand offer comprehensive support for the eCitaro and are ranging from vehicle data analysis and fleet management functions to charging management.

13 May 2024