CapaCity & CapaCity L


The CapaCity is not only impressive in terms of space. Its attractive, high-quality design and comfort for passengers and driver also scores points. The attractive exterior itself expresses the inner values of the large capacity bus.

Give your CapaCity L a special, unmistakable look. Mercedes-Benz offers Metro or Tram design packages geared to the design idiom and dimensions of the full-size bus. The optional Metro design package comprises side panelling for the roof-mounted attachments, while the Tram design package features full-length side panelling including the bellows of the articulation joint. Optionally available are a smooth front-end flap, a visual extension of the tail lamps and covers for the non-steered wheels. And everything is freely combinable.

Thanks to the extensive special equipment, you can design the CapaCity and the CapaCity L totally as you desire.


Curved and clearly partitioned grab rails not only provide safety, but also assist passengers through the bus like a visual guideline. Thanks to its distinct flexibility, the grab rail system allows you to arrange the vehicle interior as you wish and require.

The same also applies to the wide variety of optionally available types of seats and seating arrangements in a large selection of colours, patterns and materials. Folding seats in the areas for standing passengers increase the variability. Standing passengers can also be accommodated in front of the articulation joint, with folding seats optionally added to the area. The standing area in the rear section can be further extended by a shortened platform and removal of a double seat. As an alternative to the three passenger seats directly behind the fourth door, leaning areas with an additional stowage facility are possible.

Low entries and four wide double-wing doors ensure an excellent passenger throughflow and facilitate entering and exiting. The CapaCity L is also available in a 5-door version. This variant is further optimised for an even faster passenger throughflow along especially busy routes.

Double-glazed side windows, air conditioning for the driver and passengers or TFT monitors for passenger information are only a few of the many possibilities. Additional special use areas can also be allocated, to the right in front of the second door, for example. Here passengers with pushchairs, walking frames or wheelchairs can be easily accommodated.