In the event of danger
CapaCity & CapaCity L

In the event of danger

The driver must react fast to the threat of an accident, in order to avert the danger. Increased driving safety is also offered by the directional stability of the CapaCity chassis and the calm steering. Responsible for these qualities is the independent wheel suspension at the front and trailing axles.

The new driver protection door can protect the driver from unexpected attacks. Depending on the intended deployment of the vehicle and the degree of protection desired, there are four modular constructions available.

Citaro G, jackknifing protection system winter testing in 2014 in Rovaniemi 

If the vehicle should ever be at risk of becoming unstable – for instance on a slippery road surface – the articulation damping swiftly adjusts to the requirements of the situation. This way the articulated bus is very rapidly stabilised – within the bounds of physical possibilities – in order to prevent the rear vehicle body from oscillating or even swerving out of control, thus avoiding the dreaded jackknifing effect. The new Articulated Turntable Controller (ATC) is the only regulation system of its kind to act in a manner akin to the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®).

A crash element is installed in the front end as additional collision protection. Together with a reinforced, defined frame structure, it diverts the forces of impact directly into the substructure. The result is improved protection for the driver and his or her footwell. The specifications based on the pendulum impact test as per UNECE-R 29 are fulfilled.

External rear camera for monitoring the pivoting area at the bus stop and in road traffic.

A precondition and challenge for safely driving a large capacity bus is a perfect overview of the surroundings, especially in the vicinity of the rear section. The CapaCity already simplifies the view by virtue of its single-pivot construction. In addition, several external cameras provide an overview of what's happening around the rear section. Manoeuvring and backing up are as easy as with any other single-pivot bus.