CapaCity & CapaCity L


Despite its considerable length, the CapaCity and the CapaCity L manage with just one articulation joint, in contrast to the competition. As a consequence, manoeuvring is especially easy. Maintenance labour is also less and the reliability exemplary. Both contribute to the overall profitability of the full-size buses.

With a turning circle of 22.93 meters, the CapaCity is nearly as nimble as an articulated bus. But the longer CapaCity L also has an impressive turning circle of just 24.47 meters. This surprising agility is made possible by the electrohydraulically steered fourth axle. Thanks to its independent wheel suspension, it affords incomparable comfort and driving safety.

The great advantages of the CapaCity compared with other concepts for large capacity buses include its unhindered manoeuvrability when backing up.

As in forward travel at low speeds, the fourth axle is also actively steered in this case. The clever steering of the fourth axle also reduces pivoting of the rear when pulling away from the bus stop: in this case, the steering of the fourth axle reacts to the steering movement of the front axle with a defined delay. This can prevent wheel contact with the kerb and pivoting of the rear section onto the pavement.