Total cost of ownership
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Total cost of ownership

There are many factors in operating a bus that cost money. Even if you don't have control over all costs, there's still a lot you can do to make your CapaCity more economical to operate: more than one third of the costs incurred can be actively influenced. We show you the advantages of our buses and services with regard to total cost of ownership in terms of investment, consumption, maintenance and residual value.

Economy is a question of technology. Each CapaCity provides you with an overall economical solution in your timetable. The innovative vehicle technology impresses through performance optimisation: BlueEFFICIENCY drive technology for highly efficient traction, fully automatic transmissions for first-class ride comfort and the further-developed portal axle for speeding up passenger throughflow.

The Euro VI engines reduce not only pollutants to a minimum, but fuel consumption as well, and consequently lower a considerable part of fixed operating costs. Responsible for this achievement is the recuperation module, among other measures. It supplies the vehicle's electrical system with stored electricity generated free of charge in overrun mode. This relieves the engine and noticeably lowers fuel consumption.

Quality and longevity make the CapaCity a stable investment from the outset. At the same time, our OMNIplus Service ServiceContracts keep your accounting processes running according to plan. The periodic maintenance guarantees transparent costs at all times as well as a calculable residual value.

Profit not only from the technical advantages of the CapaCity. Attractive financing offers and insurance solutions with premiums calculated precisely on the basis of your specific use will ensure your economic head start.

Mercedes-Benz buses can be found on the road practically all over Europe. That's reason enough for us to offer even the densest bus-specific ServiceNetwork. It guarantees quick assistance and short downtimes should the worst come to worst. Naturally around the clock with our dependable 24h SERVICE.

Investments that pay off. To round off our portfolio, we are pleased to offer you our OMNIplus EcoTraining. Our experience has shown that this results in the two key requirements of saving fuel and adhering to the schedule no longer being mutually exclusive. Together with digital services from OMNIplus ON, economic fleet handling can be improved. Furthermore, we will not let you down at the end of the useful life of your bus: on request, BusStore will guarantee the residual value of your vehicle and buy it back at the end of the defined service life.

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