Perfect for BRT
CapaCity & CapaCity L

Perfect for BRT

A big change is occurring day after day on roads in Germany, Europe and the world. Increasing numbers of passengers are shaping public transportation in many places today. The demand for large-scale buses is accordingly growing in urban centres. The CapaCity and the CapaCity L are the ideal candidates for this role. They confidently manage heavily frequented lines in urban transport. And they're also perfect for specialised BRT systems on dedicated lanes. They feature an impressive passenger handling capacity and outstanding manoeuvrability and allow a quick passenger throughflow.

Steering, drive and dimensions likewise follow the smart overall concept, based on a thousandfold-tested and trusted series production technology. The design moreover allows a lot of freedom for various options and requirements. The CapaCity L consequently combines in an ideal way its incomparable capacity and remarkable flexibility in terms of application and route planning. Whether a new shopping centre, residential area or industrial zone: the CapaCity L makes them all accessible fast and economically. This large full-size bus thus makes an essential contribution to reducing traffic congestion in the inner cities.

The layout of the CapaCity L is variable. The extensive areas for standing passengers allow the vehicle to be logically arranged for the largest possible occupancy. The front section provides for a special useful area on the left side and opposite, between the doors. These areas are used as needed by standing passengers, wheel chair users or by passengers with baby carriages.

Door two can be fitted with an electrically operated ramp. A mechanical folding ramp can be fitted at doors one and two. A three-split grab rail, a so-called trident (CSR*), provides support to standing passengers on the especially large special-use area on the left in the direction of travel. Shortening the bases yields further standing room directly in front of the articulation joint.

*Customer special request

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