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CapaCity & CapaCity L

All Facts & Figures


CapaCity L

Transport capacity
Number of seats – Standard seating 44 44
Passenger capacity max. 181 199
Seating type City Star Eco (CSE)
Seating type City Star Function (CSF)
Seating type Inter Star Eco (ISE)
Driver’s seat GRAMMER Linea MSG 90.6 P, air-sprung
Driver’s seat ISRI 6860, integrated pneumatic system, 3-point seat belt
Wheelchair space
Length [mm] 19.725 20.995
Width [mm] 2.550 2.550
Width incl. mirrors [mm] 2.950 2.950
Height [mm] 3.095 3.095
Height incl. air-conditioning system [mm] 3.120 3.120
Height incl. optional equipment 3.350 3.350
Heigth incl. rear roof fans [mm] 3.095 3.095
Inner stand height [mm] 2.313 2.313
Parapet height (above ground) [mm] 952 952
Wheelbase front axle-central axle [mm] 5.900 5.900
Wheelbase central axle-drive axle [mm] 5.990 7.260
Wheelbase drive axle - trailing axle [mm] 1.600 1.600
Tyre size 275/70 R 22,5 275/70 R 22,5
Overhang at front [mm] 2.805 2.805
Overhang at rear [mm] 3.430 3.430
Turning circle [mm] 22.926 24.466
Turning circle BOKraft [mm] 25.000 25.000
Ring width turning circles min. [mm] 7.479 7.095
Ring width BOKraft [mm] 6.769 6.928
Ring width max. permissible according to BOKraft [mm] 7.200 7.200
Track circle minimal [mm] 19.109 20.901
Wheel impact front axle max. [°] 53 53
Cockpit height [mm] 310 310
Usable volume / capacity AdBlue [l] 27/32 27/32
Capacity fuel tank left / right [l] 150 / 150 150/150
Floor height over roadway [mm] 370 370
Pedestal height [mm] 310 310
Entry height door 1 [mm] 320 320
Entry height door 2 [mm] 320 320
Entry height door 3 [mm] 320 320
Entry height door 4 [mm] 320 320
Clear door width 1 [mm] 1.250 1.250
Clear door width 2 [mm] 1.250 1.250
Clear door width 3 [mm] 1.250 1.250
Clear door width 4 [mm] 1.250 1.250
Slope angle in front [°] 7 7
Slope angle rear [°] 7 7
Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 470 Mercedes-Benz OM 470
Engine 2* Mercedes-Benz OM 470 Mercedes-Benz OM 470
Engine type 6-cylinder in-line-engine 6-cylinder in-line-engine
Output [kW] 265 265
Output 2* [kW] 290 290
Max. torque [Nm] 1.700 1.700
Max. torque 2* [Nm] 1.900 1.900
At speed [1/min] 1.100 1.100
At speed 2* [1/min] 1.100 1.100
Displacement [l] 10,7 10,7
Displacement 2* [l] 10,7 10,7
EU emissions standard Euro VI Euro VI
Transmission Voith Diwa.6 Voith Diwa.6
Transmission 2* ZF-Ecolife ZF Ecolife
Steering Power steering Power steering
Front axle, type ZF RL 82 EC ZF RL 82 EC
Centre axle, type ZF AVN 133 ZF AVN 133
Driven axle, type ZF AV 133 ZF AV 133
Trailing axle, type ZF RL 82 EC ZF RL 82 EC
Front axle: independent suspension, anti-roll bar
Drive axle: with anti-roll bar
Trailing axle: active steering, independent suspension
Articulation Turntable Controller (ATC)
Air suspension via electronic level control system (ENR)
Rough road running gear
Pneumatic disc brakes on all axles
Electronically controlled braking system (EBS)
Anti-blocking system (ABS)
Brake Assist (BAS)
Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR)
Automatic bus stop brake with pull-away lock
Parking brake
Safety and driver assistance systems
Rollover strength compliant with ​in ECE R29
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
Preventive Brake Assist 2
Front Collision Guard (FCG) - -
Sideguard Assist 2
Reversing camera
Reversing buzzer
Extinguishing system
Rain-light sensor
Flat wiper blades with water fed through wiper blade
Rollover strength compliant with ECE-R 66.02
270° Kamera
Traffic Sign Assist
Frontguard Assist
Attention Assist (AtAs)
Weight and fuel tanks
Capacity of fuel tank [l] 300 300
AdBlue® additive tank [l] 32 32
Gross vehicle weight [kg] 32.000 32.000
Axle loads, max. permissible front axle [kg] 7.500 7.500
Axle loads, max. permissible central axis [kg] 10.000 10.000
Axle loads, max. permissible drive axle [kg] 13.000 13.000
Permissible weight trailing axle [kg] 6.930 6.930
Heating, air conditioning and ventilation
Heater with convectors at side walls
Driver’s area air conditioning
EvoCool Basic
Turbo roof ventilator
Roof-mounted air-conditioning system with heat pump
Electric roof air conditioning (modular system)
Electric roof air conditioning system (modular system) for the driver's workstation
Refrigerant filling capacity [lbs/kg] 0 - 16 0 - 16
CO₂ equivalent [lbs/t] 0 - 22,88 0 - 22,88
Doors and glazing
Number of doors 4 4
Interior swivel door
Sliding swivel door
Ramp manual
Ramp electric
Single glazed
Double glazed
Windscreen heatable
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
Low beam
High beam
Daytime driving lights with LED technology
Daytime driving lights with halogen
Headlamps with LED technology
Headlamps Bi-Xenon incl. cleaning system
Front fog lamp
Cornering light

● Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment
* Optional equipment

Changes may have been made to the data since the copy deadline of this product information. This data sheet only provides a selection of equipment/ appointments available. Please consult your Mercedes-Benz regional sales manager for final details.

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