Comfort for the driver
The new eCitaro fuel cell

Comfort for the driver

Ask your drivers why they like driving the eCitaro from Mercedes-Benz so much. Is it because of the intuitive operating concept? Is it the next-level comfort furnishings? Are the helpful assistance systems the deciding factor? Or are the most impressive aspects its good overview and perfect handling? Regardless of the answer, you can be sure that everyone will immediately feel at home in the eCitaro fuel cell.

The new eCitaro fuel cell offers an impressive array of positive features. Would you like some examples? It is ergonomic, as the multifunction steering wheel puts the driver in control of everything. What’s more, the individually adjustable driver’s seat and the sensitive climate control offer ideal working conditions. It is also practical, as all stowage facilities are within easy reach. And clearly arranged, because with the optional 360° camera system in the solobus or the 270° camera system in the articulated bus, your driver not only has a comprehensive overview of the traffic situation, but also of the hydrogen consumption thanks to the percentage fill level display in the instrument panel. The eCitaro fuel cell is also safe, as assistance systems such as Sideguard Assist 2, Frontguard Assist and the optional Preventive Brake Assist 2 provide support in critical traffic situations and help to prevent accidents. It's also helpful, because Traffic Sign Assist warns you when you are exceeding the maximum speed. But above all, drivers are familiar with it, because the cockpit layout can be found in the other Citaro models. Whatever feature you are most impressed with – more are guaranteed to be added every time you drive the new eCitaro fuel cell.

Does it get any more convenient than this? Of course it does! The driver can also rely on the tried-and-true components of the eCitaro for the chassis. The wide steering angle enables a small turning radius (53°/46°). Long spring travel and newly tuned air suspension and elastokinematics noticeably increase ride comfort. In addition, the roll and pitch control (WNR) dampens the inclination movements of the vehicle. The adjustment takes place depending on the driving situation: safe and tight during braking and dynamic driving, soft and comfortable when the driving is smooth. Not only a sophisticated design, it also supports the driver to ensure safe handling. It’s high time for a summary: great straight-line stability and excellent steerability together with comfortable suspension give the same quiet and easy handling for the eCitaro fuel cell.

The optimal seating ergonomics of the Grammar driver's seat Linea/Tourea significantly improves the bus driver's working conditions and thus contributes to his health. The innovative ergonomic basic shape with comfortable adjustment options ensures a healthy sitting position at all times.

The air-sprung comfort driver's swing seat from Grammer is equipped with height adjustment, inclination and depth adjustment of the seat cushion, continuously adjustable lumbar support and side contour adjustment, rapid lowering as well as integrated headrest and seat belt.

The air-sprung driver's climate swing seat from Isringhausen significantly improves the bus driver's working conditions and thus contributes to his health. The equipment with integrated air conditioning and height-adjustable 3-point belt system guarantees maximum seating comfort.

For this purpose it is equipped with an active ventilation system with 3 fans in the backrest/seat. The ventilation principle is the same as the system familiar from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The seat is designed to fit the back and is characterised by high longitudinal and lateral rigidity and the use of high-quality materials.

All controls perfectly in full view and within easy reach: Designed for everyday bus use in city traffic, the user-friendly instrument panel features new buttons and controls divided into blocks to the side of the driver. The Cockpit City has a multifunction steering wheel and all the instruments are clearly arranged and easily accessible without changing the seating position.

Located to the side of the driver and divided into clear blocks, the new instrument panel buttons often have dual functions, the so-called double rocker. The functions and assignments are based on the customer's wishes and are selected and defined jointly via the instrument panel configurator.

Cruise control is an electronic system that enables the vehicle to maintain a pre-selected speed even under changing load conditions.

The system allows speeds to be set from 15 km/h up to the vehicle’s control speed. It is controlled via the steering column switch on the right side of the steering column.

In the Citaro hybrid, the intelligent eco steering electrohydraulic steering system also contributes to high energy efficiency. It works in a way that is requirements-optimised, while contributing to reduced fuel consumption in public service applications.

The use of electrohydraulic power steering (EHPS) reduces fuel consumption in buses. The fully integrated system replaces the conventional power steering pumps used today in all buses with a gross weight of over 7.5 tonnes.

Through on-demand control of the electrical power steering pump, which was previously driven from the combustion engine, power assistance for the steering can in future be employed independently of engine speed. The intelligent control system uses vehicle data for on-demand control of the electrically driven 24V pump. Therefore, exactly the required amount of assistance will be made available, depending on the driving situation. In summary, this will achieve a considerable saving in fuel.

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