Citaro hybrid


Change without changing. In the interior the Citaro hybrid is practically impossible to differentiate from the same body variants equipped with a combustion engine. This is beneficial to the driver, in particular – everything stays the same at their workplace when they switch from a Citaro with a combustion engine to the Citaro hybrid. The dashboard, ergonomically arranged controls and multifunction steering wheel remain unchanged and there are no additional switches or displays. The Citaro hybrid can be controlled and operated from the raised driver's seat position with optimum all-round view as comfortably as in any other Citaro. To ensure clear vision, the AquaBlade® windscreen wipers feature a dynamic design idiom which reduces both consumption and driving noise. The new driver's workplace does therefore not need getting used to nor is any driver training required.

The Citaro hybrid provides its passengers every comfort that the renowned Citaro models have to offer, without exception. No item of equipment in the interior is influenced by the hybrid technology, itself invisible to the passengers and driver. You already feel in good hands when you get in. This is ensured, among other things, by the generous space concept, pleasant seats, ergonomically optimised grab rails and the comfortable headroom. Various equipment lines can be individually chosen for each planned use. Therefore everyone will find the ideal vehicle for their intended use. Depending on the equipment line, a powerful air-conditioning system*, as well as the integral roof heater and side wall heaters can make the time on-board a pleasant one.

The only difference between the Citaro hybrid and vehicles of its model series with a combustion engine: up to three spaces for standing passengers are lost from the theoretical maximum capacity due to the hybrid components, which weigh in at a relatively light 156 kg. But in everyday use that should only rarely be an issue.

*The air-conditioning system and the refrigerator of your vehicle are filled with R-134a refrigerant and contain fluorinated greenhouse gas. The warning signs with detailed information about the refrigerant used are located on each device. To this end, please observe the vehicle's Operating Instructions. You can find further details in the appropriate technical information brochure.