Total cost of ownership
Citaro hybrid

Total cost of ownership

There are many factors in operating a bus that cost money. You can also do several things to drive even more economically: roughly one-third of the costs can be actively influenced. We will show you the overall economic benefits of our buses and services in relation to investment, consumption, maintenance and residual value.

With every Citaro hybrid you have a comprehensive economic solution on your timetable. Its drive is no transitional technology to fully electrical driving, rather Mercedes-Benz is using it to optimise the Euro VI combustion engines in a unique way which delivers maximum efficiency. The result: the new Citaro hybrid with its beneficial total cost of ownership pays off.*

With the Citaro hybrid you benefit from attractive financing offers and insurance solutions. Premiums precisely calculated by your individual use secure you an economic advantage.

Example calculation with average values from the German market. TCO cost blocks with the example of the Citaro hybrid, Euro VI. Premise: 10 years at 60,000 km, German market. Status as at: September 2017.

Quality and durability make the Citaro hybrid a solid investment. With the OMNIplus service contracts, your bookkeeping will run smoothly according to schedule. Regular maintenance guarantees cost transparency and a calculable residual value at all times.

Our OMNIplus EcoTraining shows that saving fuel and keeping to a schedule does not have to be a contradiction in terms. Together with the operational analysis of the Bus Data Center, the economic management of the bus fleet can be sustainably enhanced. As an option, BusStore can assure the resale value of your vehicle and buy it back from you at the end of a specified operational life.

Mercedes-Benz buses are operated on practically every European road. That's reason enough for us to offer the most dense bus-specific service network. This guarantees swift assistance and low downtimes should the worst ever come to the worst. Round-the-clock, of course, with our reliable 24h SERVICE.

* The air-conditioning system and the refrigerator of your vehicle are filled with R-134a refrigerant and contain fluorinated greenhouse gas. The warning signs with detailed information about the refrigerant used are located on each device. To this end, please observe the vehicle's Operating Instructions. You can find further details in the appropriate technical information brochure.