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Citaro hybrid

Facts & Figures

The efficient and compact hybrid module was specially developed for the demands of regular-service buses in towns and busy urban areas. It assists the consumption-optimised diesel engines of our urban and inter-city buses and thus stands for economy and sustainability. With the innovative hybrid module, Mercedes-Benz has become the world's first manufacturer to offer hybrid technology as optional equipment for an extraordinarily broad range of urban and inter-city buses equipped with the OM 936 diesel engines. Instead of expensive stand-alone hybrid bus models, numerous models of the Mercedes-Benz urban bus model series can thus now benefit from affordable and efficient hybrid technology.

The Citaro hybrid, 2 doors, 106 passengers, 12.14 metres

The Citaro K hybrid, 2 doors, 86 passengers, 10.63 metres

The Citaro G hybrid, 3 doors, 163 passengers, 18.13 metres

The Citaro LE hybrid, 2 doors, 106 passengers, 12.17 metres

The Citaro hybrid Ü, 2 doors, 82 passengers, 12.13 metres

The new version of UN ECE Regulation 118.02 requires newly registered buses from summer 2020 to have additional fire test certificates for materials in the interior, engine compartment, and separate heater compartments. Having the greatest possible safety is a core value for Daimler Buses and compliance with the statutory requirements a self-evident duty. Therefore all materials now used in the interior of our buses are being tested, and where necessary respecified.

The modifications undertaken for plastics are not noticeable to the eye or touch. As part of qualification in accordance with UN ECE Regulation 118.02 the collection of our seat cover materials is also being changed. The only restriction will be in the variety of colour shades and patterns (designs) available. The quality requirements of Daimler Buses for the textiles of the seat materials in its collection will remain at the existing high level. We would ask you to be aware that the appearance and feel of the materials illustrated on this website may change due to these design optimisations in the interest of safety.