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Citaro hybrid

Facts & Figures

The efficient and compact hybrid module was specially developed for the demands of regular-service buses in towns and busy urban areas. It assists the consumption-optimised diesel and gas engines of our urban and inter-city buses and thus stands for economy and sustainability. With the innovative hybrid module, Mercedes-Benz has become the world's first manufacturer to offer hybrid technology as optional equipment for an extraordinarily broad range of urban and inter-city buses equipped with the OM 936 diesel and M 936 gas engines. Instead of expensive stand-alone hybrid bus models, numerous models of the Mercedes-Benz urban bus model series can thus now benefit from affordable and efficient hybrid technology.

The Citaro hybrid, 2 doors, 106 passengers, 12.14 metres

The Citaro K hybrid, 2 doors, 86 passengers, 10.63 metres

The Citaro G hybrid, 3 doors, 163 passengers, 18.13 metres

The Citaro LE hybrid, 2 doors, 106 passengers, 12.17 metres

The Citaro NGT hybrid, 2 doors, 104 passengers, 12.14 metres

The Citaro hybrid Ü, 2 doors, 82 passengers, 12.13 metres