Quality and Environment
Citaro Ü

Quality and Environment

The Citaro Ü is one of the most popular intercity buses in local public transport. Key factors behind its success is both the pioneering vehicle concept and the exceptional level of quality.

The Citaro Ü is produced in the world’s most advanced bus production plants. A whole host of steps designed to increase and guarantee quality help to ensure that the vehicle will still be able to fulfil its purpose without any problems even after years of service. These include cathodic dip priming of the entire body shell, for example. This provides long-term protection against corrosion for the Citaro – and therefore also protects the value of your investment.

All of the Citaro Ü's components are extensively tested before going into production. And after each production stage strict checks are made to help guarantee a perfect finish After all, it is a part of the Mercedes-Benz quality philosophy to continually test and optimise manufacturing processes. So that you can count on being able to include your Citaro Ü in your upcoming schedule.

Bus travel is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of travel – particularly if you travel in a Citaro. It is not just a clear leader when it comes to reduction of harmful emissions. It is also way ahead on environmental protection.

A good, clean job. Starting with production, we take care to make the Citaro as environmentally compatible as possible.The cathodic dip priming process, for example, is almost completely free of solvents. And once the vehicle is finally withdrawn after long and successful years in service, its components can be recycled. If so desired, the Citaro Ü is even available with the "Blue Angel" environmental seal. Another example of thinking quality through to the last detail: typically Mercedes-Benz.

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