Comfort for the driver
Citaro Ü

Comfort for the driver

The best protection for passengers is still a fully concentrated driver. Which is why the driver must be protected in his or her seat from distractions and the operation must be intuitive and the controls easy to reach. The Citaro Ü sets standards in this area, too.

Everything is in the right place here. Nothing should distract a driver from his or her work. This is what we've worked to achieve. The driver's seat position is slightly raised to give better all-round vision ‒ the driver is now on an eye-level with the passengers. In addition, through extending the front, legroom has been increased ‒ while improving collision protection at the same time, too. The change gives an optimal seat position on long working days. The driver's window ensures good ventilation and easy access to the exterior mirror.

The new driver’s window provides better ventilation and easy access to the exterior mirror. In order to maintain exemplary vision above and ahead, the windscreen is positioned 60 mm higher. The destination display has even been raised by 72 mm. This results in even better vision when looking upwards at an angle, for example, when looking at traffic lights. The driver also benefits from the lowering of the side window sill. The higher position of the driver's seat thus improves all-round vision, for example, the view of the traffic ahead.

There are two more large round air nozzles for air intake in the instrument panel. There is room for a larger pollen filter behind the larger air intake grille which is to the side immediately behind the driver's seat. The new air extraction unit behind the driver's seat ensures greater air flow through the cab. Another new feature: the front box for ventilating and heating the driver's area has been positioned centrally. This ensures more even demisting of the entire windscreen. It is also electrically heated.

The driver’s window.

Additional DIN-compliant slide-in units provide flexible and easily-accessible options to increase storage in the Citaro Ü. There are additional stowage compartments for the driver's personal belongings in the bag compartment and on the instrument support.

Everything is optimally protected in the Citaro Ü – and that includes the driver as well. This is ensured by the driver protection door, which protects the driver from unexpected attacks. Depending on the intended deployment of the vehicle and the degree of protection desired, there are four constructions available. Up to eight pieces of equipment fit into the DIN-compliant slots: they can be easily accessed and easily read. The loudspeaker for the driver's area is also fitted into the frame. If the vehicle is fitted with internal or external cameras, the display is anchored by means of an interlocking fit to the underside of the carrier.

It is easy to read the instruments and operate the switches in the Citaro Ü. We have improved the shape and the grouping of both, and made them stand out more. Using the function buttons on the multifunction steering wheel, navigation of the display menu is simple.

The instrument panel is of such a stable construction that additional units weighing up to 1.5 kg and 2.5 kg could be attached to the left and right respectively. In such a case, anchorage adapters and cable ducting can be ordered as optional equipment ex factory ‒ the customer's own equipment can thus be integrated in a much more elegant way than before. With attachments it is important to take care that the driver's field of vision is in no way restricted.

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