Safe driving
Citaro Ü

Safe driving

Mercedes-Benz has for years pursued the vision of accident-free driving. The integral safety concept developed for this covers every phase of automotive safety – from handling safety through to safety in hazardous situations and protection in the event of an accident, as well as minimising the consequences of an accident. Safety is also integrated as standard in the Citaro city buses. The body already protects the passengers in the event of a side impact. In the event of a rear-end collision, the reinforced front section minimises the consequences of an accident and protects the driver better.

The long-life LED headlamps are available as optional equipment in the Citaro Ü. The light beam can be defined very accurately. The colour of the light is approximately the same as daylight, and so causes the driver’s eyes to tire less quickly. More brightness and longer range provide additional safety. LED lamps are about two to three times more efficient than conventional filament bulbs.

The Articulation Turntable Controller (ATC) developed by Mercedes-Benz is a sophisticated anti-jackknife system for articulated buses. This swivel joint and its control form one of the Citaro GÜ’s core elements: the hydraulic damping of the joint responds quickly and, above all, as needed.

The Citaro interurban bus supports the driver with numerous assistance systems. The Acceleration Skid Control feature (ASR) prevents the drive wheels from spinning. The Electro-pneumatic Brake System (EBS) also offers additional safety support. It significantly reduces the stopping distance, since the brakes are controlled more quickly and more precisely. Furthermore, the Citaro interurban bus is equipped as standard with the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®). It recognises dynamic driving situations such as evasive manoeuvres and helps the driver stabilise the vehicle by braking individual wheels and adjusting the engine power. The Preventive Brake Assist and Sideguard Assist ensure predictive braking and manoeuvring.

Road safety requires drivers to focus fully on traffic conditions. This is why special attention was given to the ergonomic driver's work area. In the Citaro Ü the driver has comfortable access to all controls and a perfect view of all the instruments. Further convenience is provided by the automatic transmission and the reversing camera. The Opticool windscreen and the separately controlled air conditioning system ensure that the driver is still able to concentrate even when it is hot outside.

A typical situation: a ball rolls onto the street and the children playing with it run out onto the road. A full brake application is necessary. Using targeted electronic brake actuation the ABS system prevents permanent blocking of the wheels. Additional support is provided via the electronic-pneumatic brake control EBS, thanks to which the stopping distance is substantially reduced as the brakes are activated more quickly and precisely.

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