Total cost of ownership
The new Tourismo

Total cost of ownership

For decades now, Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches have been characterised by their reliability and economy. The new Tourismo takes another step towards the future and sustainability. It relies to equal measure on both ultra-modern technology and sophisticated, mature series-production technology with high quality standards. The consumption of the models has been reduced even further thanks to advanced and particularly frugal drive systems and aerodynamic optimisation. At the same time their efficiency has also improved and results in an optimum total cost of ownership. That means: maximum economic efficiency with maximum ride comfort.

You can do a few things to help your coaches become more economically-efficient: approximately one third of the costs incurred can be actively influenced. With new optional equipment such as the forward-looking Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control system for automated and manual transmissions, or the Eco Driver Feedback (EDF) with personalised driving tips, your driver can further reduce energy consumption.

The Tourismo offers your company overall economic advantages in terms of investment, consumption, maintenance and residual value. Everything in the Tourismo is designed to minimise expensive downtime. And long maintenance intervals with oil changes after as many as 120,000 kilometres* ensure long use on the road. 

The Tourismo provides good figures with every kilometre driven thanks to its especially frugal nature. Compared to its predecessor model, energy consumption is lower despite identical equipment. This is not only pleasant for your balance sheets, but is also good for the environment – thanks to a perfect interplay of vehicle technology, intelligent analysis of the driving style and OMNIplus driver training adapted to it.

Example calculation with average values from the German market. TCO cost blocks using Tourismo Euro VI as an example. Assumptions: 8 years at 85,000 km, German market. Status as at: March 2017.

The engine and all important assemblies** are easily accessible for simple maintenance. OMNIplus offers complete, tailor-made services and a perfect supply of spare parts to ensure that the vehicle is rapidly ready for use again. Repairs and maintenance work not only cost money, they also take time. Your fleet is constantly in motion and in order for it to stay that way, regular and competent maintenance is necessary. The new Tourismo can be equipped with the latest Bus Data Center. Today, it is already very simple to transmit the current location and diagnostic data of the vehicle. The vehicle data are automatically sent to the OMNIplus 24h SERVICE Hotline at the touch of a button. With OMNIplus Uptime this is done fully automatically. Thanks to the precise information on the vehicle's location, the service arrives at the vehicle even faster. Well-prepared, competent and fast, the technician repairs the bus on site. A visit to the workshop can thus usually be avoided. And that saves a whole lot of time.

A Tourismo is especially profitable even when it leaves your fleet. After all, the residual value of a bus is just as important as the original investment. Thus, even at the end of the vehicle's life there are options to give you more security in planning your capital investment from the onset.

* Applies only to touring coach applications with the OM 470 engine. The OM 936 engine has a shorter maintenance interval of 90,000 km.
** The air-conditioning system and the refrigerator of your vehicle are filled with R-134a refrigerant and contain fluorinated greenhouse gas. The warning signs with detailed information about the refrigerant used are located on each device. To this end, please observe the vehicle's Operating Instructions. You can find further details in the appropriate technical information brochure.