Safely on the road.

Safely on the road.

Most accidents begin long before the impact. For example, with poor visibility or unforeseeable hazards. This is why the Tourismo is equipped with a number of safety features that help master critical driving situations.

Starting with the ergonomic driver's workplace. The driver can comfortably reach all controls and has a perfect view of all the instruments. The wide-angle exterior mirrors guarantee more safety through better all-round vision.

While on the move electronic assistants support the driver. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) minimises the risk of the wheels locking when braking. The electronic-pneumatic brake control (EBS) significantly shortens the stopping distance, as the brakes are actuated faster and more precisely. The Acceleration Skid Control (ASR) system provides additional safety. It helps the driver to minimise the risk of the rear of the vehicle (rear-wheel drive) breaking out laterally when accelerating.

ABS, EBS and ASR form the basis for further developed electronic safety systems such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) or the Brake Assist System (BAS), with which the Tourismo is also equipped.

Even the best safety concept is only as good as it works. Regular maintenance is the basis for this. That is why the OMNIplus service programme offers top-level service for your bus and optionally available individual service contracts. 

In order to be as safe as possible on the road, not only the vehicle's safety equipment but also the driver's capabilities are paramount. The OMNIplus safety training courses focus on recognising one's own limits and getting to know the vehicle's behaviour when it reaches the limits in real life situations. 

* Optional equipment.