OC 500 LE


Now more than ever, economic efficiency is one of the main arguments for bus operators. With the new OC 500 LE with Euro VI you lay the foundations for overall economic efficiency – and ensure for your bus a decisive advantage over the competition.

Development of the new chassis generation focused on the new Euro VI compliant drivetrain, implemented with the new BlueEFFICIENCY Power engines from Mercedes-Benz. The new power plant, that meets Euro VI standards in all its output variants already today, displays convincing environmental compatibility as well as compelling economic efficiency. No increase in consumption levels in spite of Euro VI – who else but Mercedes-Benz could achieve this?

The new Mercedes-Benz OM 936 engine brings its 220 kW (299 hp) onto the road with the greatest efficiency. The especially compact and lightweight 6-cylinder in-line engine combines impressive performance with spirited response even at low engine speeds, and couples great running smoothness with low consumption and commendably low environmental impact. Compliance with the stringent requirements was achieved through a combination of common-rail injection, requirements-oriented exhaust gas recirculation, downstream oxidation catalytic converter, particulate filter and SCR technology with AdBlue injection for exhaust gas purification.

The OC 500 LE engine is equipped as standard with the ZF Ecolife automatic transmission with torque converter. With its six speeds and a topography-dependent gearshift program, it makes possible exceptionally comfortable and fuel saving drive both in urban and extra-urban operation. The intelligent gearshift program detects and recognises different driving resistance and chooses the adequate drive program accordingly. Gear changes are fluid and the transmission always operates in the optimum range. For a relaxed and calm journey, enjoyable both for the driver and the passengers.

Likewise standard: the integrated retarder with around 40 percent greater braking output. It is integrated in the transmission housing, thus saving weight. It is perfectly adequate and sufficient for braking at low speeds. It relieves the service brake, reduces wear and tear and reduces maintenance costs. And quite by the way it contributes to greater ride comfort.

Focused intelligence. The OC 500 LE electronics system sets it apart from other chassis. It has a central "brain": the IES CAN (integrated electronics system controller area network), in which all electronic components are integrated. All control units can be monitored easily using the IES on-board diagnostics system. This facilitates rapid and targeted troubleshooting for maintenance or repair. This helps to reduce costs for the bus operator by cutting downtime and maintenance time.

Other advantages of the low-floor chassis include standardised interfaces for your electronics, as well as a modular electronics compartment with standardised connectors by the driver's seat. All electrical systems are coded, and therefore particularly difficult to confuse. This means that you can connect your body electrics flexibly and without difficulty. At the same time you have a free hand in the location and installation of your electronic components.