OC 500 RF 2542
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OC 500 RF 2542

Flexible in any direction

Design a customised driver's workstation. Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility, the OC 500 RF makes it easy for you to tailor the cockpit to your precise requirements.

The driver's workstation in the OC 500 RF is fully functional and can easily be adapted to your requirements. The steering column, for example, can be adjusted in height and inclination. There is no conventional gearshift lever in the cockpit, which offers your designers greater scope to implement their ideas. Instead the driver has a joystick with pneumatic shifting aid on the right of the seat. High precision and smooth travel ensure gearshifting comfort to rival that of a passenger car. Thanks to integrated emergency-running characteristics, the vehicle remains roadworthy even if the gearshift should fail. The variable location of the joystick also has ergonomic benefits. Easy to reach and operate, it eases the driver's workload and helps to ensure full concentration on the road ahead – a key contribution to driving safety.

Focussed intelligence

The OC 500 RF electronics system sets it apart from other chassis. It has a central "brain", the IES CAN (integrated electronics system controller area network), in which all electronic components are integrated. All control units can be monitored easily using the IES onboard diagnostics system. This facilitates rapid and targeted troubleshooting for maintenance or repair.

This helps to reduce costs for the bus/coach operator by cutting downtime and maintenance time. Other plus factors include uniform interfaces for your electronics system, and a modular electrical equipment compartment with standardised slots at the driver’s workstation. All electronics systems are coded to avoid confusion. This ensures that your body’s electrical system can be connected flexibly and without complication. It also gives you greater flexibility when positioning and installing your electronic components.