The new electric <br>city bus chassis.
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The new electric
city bus chassis.

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Introducing the new Mercedes-Benz Electric City Bus Chassis (eCBC). Built in Brazil and validated for Australian conditions, the new electric chassis carrying the three-pointed star’s quality and reliability is coming to Australia and New Zealand. The first Mercedes-Benz right hand drive electric bus chassis will be arriving in Australia in the last quarter of 2022.

This electric bus chassis represents a new step toward an entirely new ecosystem. As we enter the electromobility age, Mercedes-Benz will provide all the necessary support to allow our customers to work with increased safety in their operations and businesses. The services will include a specialized consultancy to assist bus companies and urban collective transportation managers with vehicle operation, energy supply and battery recharge infrastructure, and fleet management with electric buses.

The eCBC was developed by Mercedes-Benz Brazil, and thoroughly tested in Germany, where it leveraged Daimler’s existing electric bus expertise. Almost $25 million has been invested in the project. Mercedes-Benz is committed to offering our customers advanced electric solutions that have been properly developed, tried and tested in order to deliver the class-leading quality and performance expected from our trusted brand.

The partnership between the Mercedes-Benz production factories in Brazil and in Germany was leveraged to a new extent in the development of the eCBC. Years of experience and knowledge in the production of the successful eCitaro, sold in Europe, was leaned on in the development of an electric chassis to produce the best possible integrated solution. This meant that all the experience from the eCitaro’s electro-mobility team and the understanding of Mercedes-Benz bus chassis requirements was brought together to create the best possible electric chassis solution. The eCBC concept was created based on the requirements of many markets, in both Brazil and the world, prioritizing the principles of quality and reliability, the key pillars to the Mercedes-Benz product line-up.

Prototypes were created from the 3D models in the Brazil factory. From there, some remained in Brazil and others were sent to Germany for testing. By sending some of the prototypes overseas, testing synergies could be achieved and the proper competency brought to each function, such as acoustic, brakes, air conditioning and vehicle electric voltage.

With the team in Germany having such extensive knowledge and experience in electro-mobility vehicles, Mercedes-Benz can be confident in the quality and efficiency of the eCBC in different markets and conditions around the world.

With the electric motor integrated into the rear axle, the eCBC will be equipped with EBS electronic brake and energy recovery system. The powertrain will provide the driver a new driving experience - smoother, more comfortable and completely silent. The eCBC is a Padron 4x2 model from the acclaimed O 500 line-up. With a low entry design, it may receive bodies up to 13.2 metres long. The batteries recharge system is a CCS2 plug-in, providing a full charge in just 2.5 – 3.5 hours depending on battery configuration. The instrument panel is completely new to meet the evolving information requirements for operating electric buses. It shows specific information on the electric motor, the batteries and other electronic systems. The eCBC brings to the driver a unique experience, an extremely comfortable ride and, of course, is totally silent.

Prioritising the safety of workers is of the upmost importance when it comes to preparing for the arrival of electric vehicles. This means ensuring all aspects of safety such as workshop setup and technical training are a priority. Mercedes-Benz is committed to not just delivering a product, but being an electromobility partner. A new bus era demands a new way of building workshops, for example, it must be easy to gain roof access to work on gantry systems, and the workshop must have dedicated battery working areas. That is why we will be supporting operators and employees with infrastructure planning and workshop recommendations in this transformational process.

Arguably, the most important priority for bus operators seeking to integrate new electric products into their existing fleets will be training for their technical and maintenance staff. Mercedes-Benz will support the need for new training content to accommodate electric vehicle components. Training will be offered by the Mercedes-Benz team in stages which will see the progression of technical staff from current ability, to working with live componentry all whilst meeting, and exceeding, local safety and compliance regulations.

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Thank you for expressing your interest in the new Mercedes-Benz Electric City Bus Chassis, we are excited to share this journey with you.