Total cost of ownership
OC 500 RF

Total cost of ownership

Sometimes less really is more. Mercedes-Benz has spared no effort to save in all the right places so as to enhance the value of the OC 500 RF for you even further.

In order for you to be able to save valuable time and expensive transfer costs before the first stage of work, the buggy central sector has also been further improved. Thanks to the redesigned transport module, the OC 500 RF with its own drive system is manoeuvrable and steerable, protecting at the same time the valuable components against damage during transport and enabling simple, secure handling. Quick release connectors on the wiring harnesses make it possible for you to rapidly begin with the installation of the vehicle body.

Lower emission levels do not necessarily mean more weight: Mercedes-Benz has been able to implement Euro VI without increasing the vehicle weight. The new rear axle is just one of the numerous measures with which developers have been able to compensate for the unavoidable increased weight due to Euro VI. Additional weight savings came thanks to the lighter-weight water retarder, the new engine encapsulation, the lighter, more efficient alternators and not least through the use of high-strength steels for the optimised frame. The result: not a kilo too many - yet unchangingly robust.

Mercedes-Benz was able not only to keep fuel consumption at the accustomed low levels, but also to reduce AdBlue® consumption by as much as 40 % and oil consumption by up to 50 %. And the oil change intervals, extended to as much as 120,000 km, also contribute to greater overall economic efficiency. The diesel particulate filter only needs to be changed after 360,000 km. And that, with a 20 % increase in the useful life of the OM 470.