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OC 500 RF


The bus is one of the world's safest and most comfortable modes of transport. Innovations from Mercedes-Benz have made a decisive contribution to this – and make the OC 500 RF a pioneer on the road.

Traditionally, safety has always taken pride of place at Mercedes-Benz. All bus chassis are equipped as a matter of course with a highly-responsive, electronically-controlled braking system with disc brakes all-round, as well as with the anti-lock brake system (ABS) and the standard-fit Brake Assist function (BA). It boosts braking force to a maximum in fractions of a second in an emergency braking situation, thus reducing braking distances. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) with acceleration skid control (ASR) helps the driver to master critical handling situations.

Most accidents start long before the actual collision: with a lapse in concentration, poor visibility or hazards which cannot be anticipated. That's why the Mercedes-Benz safety concept employs a range of measures to support safe driving in everyday operations and helps you master critical situations.

New features in the OC 500 RF touring coach chassis include the Lane Assistant (SPA) and the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS). While the SPA warns the driver – by means of seat vibration – of an unintended crossing of the lane markings, the AEBS reduces the danger of driving into slow-moving vehicles or stationary obstacles ahead. If danger threatens, it initiates partial and full braking as part of an ascending scale of warnings, so as to avoid a rear-end collision or to reduce damage in the event of an accident. In this way, it reliably complies with the European regulations on automatic emergency braking.