Official call center of <br>Mercedes-Benz <br>Commercial Vehicles <br>in Indonesia.
Consulting & contact

Official call center of
Commercial Vehicles
in Indonesia.

Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia (DCVI) has launched an official call center support, namely "Daimler Truck Connect Indonesia". This aims to get us one step closer to our Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Bus’ customers all over Indonesia.

DCVI can be easily contacted through several channels such as phone, WhatsApp and e-mail. You can also get all information about vehicle sales, workshops and spare parts of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Bus in Indonesia through this call center support.

One, for all convenience.

Daimler Truck Connect Indonesia.

Call Center & WhatsApp : +6221 - 3000 1971
(Mon-Fri @ 8 AM – 5 PM / except National Holiday)

Customer Support Email :