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Super High Deck

State-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz air suspension enables the SHD 2441 to cruise through rough Indian roads without even letting the passengers know a bit about it. The banana beam structure along with positioning of air bellows nearer to the side walls enable it to absorb and dampen rough road effects. Inherited from Brazil, this suspension unit has been tested rigorously on Indian ground conditions and modified accordingly before being fitted in the vehicle.

During long journeys, the wide door and gangway gives ample space for comfortable movement in the bus. The remarkable flat floor construction enables easy movement in the spacious interiors. The widest seat pitch of 960 mm offers great comfort to passengers to stretch their legs and relax while travelling.

Be it overnight, weekend travel or even your bike, our generously spacious luggage boot with a capacity of 14 cubic meters and a clear opening height of 0.9m tends to all your travelling needs.

Along with electronically-controlled gear shifting mechanism, the 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive ensures smooth and hassle-free rides to passengers. The technology used is optimized to high service-life, low maintenance and fuel-savings.

The heart of the drive train is the in-line six cylinder OM457 engine with 12 litre displacement and power rating efficiently tuned at 408 HP (300 KW). The engine with SCR diesel technology is environment friendly and economical. ZF Ecolife AT clubbed with OM457 Engine not only ensures best in class fuel efficiency but also low NVH thereby adding to passenger comfort. Longer Maintenance cycles ensure minimum visits to the workshop.

Super Low end torque (SLT) @ 1100 rpm ensures better pick up. Peak torque starts at 1100 rpm and a higher flat torque range (@950 – 1500 rpm) guarantees lesser gear shifts leading to higher fuel efficiency.

With a stellar range of active and passive systems seamlessly integrated for a completely pleasurable and confident drive, the Mercedes-Benz bus achieves a holistic approach for a safe journey.

To minimize any chances of fire, the fuel tank is safely nestled in the frame on top of the rear axle. Safety is further enhanced with thermostat based fire detection system in the Engine Compartment.

The elegantly designed robust aluminique body meets the most stringent international safety standards for roll over strength and considerably lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle, allowing for overall vehicle stability. Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz bus is the lightest in its class which enhances its unbeatable fuel efficiency and the refreshing aerodynamic body styling lends in drag reduction.

The Mercedes-Benz coach is equipped with revolutionary safety measures with an Electronic Braking System (EBS) including disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR). The Electronic Stability Control detects and reduces loss of traction. All these lead to a more confident control and emphasized vehicle stability for quicker cornering and easier avoidance maneuvers.

Basic function of ESP® in the event of oversteer.

Seat layot type Total no. of seats Reclining & calf support Reclining Last row description
2x2 51 46 5 5 reclining seats only